Fjord and Mainstage’s Final Show

This Saturday night, PHIT Comedy will have the final performances for two of our beloved house teams, Mainstage and Fjord. Come out and celebrate the best way we know how: with lots of laughs and some cake.

The cast of Mainstage is Caitilin Weigel, Dan Corkery, David Donnella, Erin Pitts, Hasreet Gill, Jacob Todd, Jess Snow, Kristen Schier, Marcely Jean-Pierre, Pim Van Huijkelom, Robyn Cartlidge, Sheila Master, and Whitney Harris. They are directed by Frank Farrell.

Fjord is Gab Bottoni, Scott Campbell, Sarah Clemency, Alex Coffey, and Joe Tuzzi. Fjord is directed by Kristen Schier. They have been together since October 2015. For their last show, former teammates Casey Hogan, Pim Van Huijkelom, and Kathryn Amrhein are all coming back to play with Fjord.

We asked Fjord a few questions about their time with this team. Read their answers below!

What will you miss most about playing with this team?
Joe:Playing with some of my best friends on a weekly basis.
Gab: I will miss seeing my weird, loving family on stage every week. I will miss everything about them as people and as players onstage and off. I will miss being with people I truly have no boundaries with. But mostly I will miss being lifted and/or being smooched by Scott.
Scott: I think the things that I will miss the most are the dumb warm up games we make up on the spot, the unconditional support in and out of scenes, and how weird we are together. Fjord has a reputation for being very close in a weird way and I take a lot of pride in that. It is very special.

Sarah: HOLY SHIT! I’m going to miss playing with this crew. We were all so weird and clicked with our weirdness almost instantly. I’ll miss Joe’s insane moves. That dude will literally throw out his back for improv and his team. Gab’s sexual tension with all of us. Alex’s calm way of saying the most ridiculous lines. Kathryn and my peas in a pod scenes. Pim being able to make an argument scene be so much fun. Casey being the best at calling out bullshit in scenes. He consistently made me break. Ryan being a big sexy goofball who would go along with ANYTHING. Shawna being a big witty dream. And I won’t miss anything about Scott because I get to still be on a team with him because I’m a lucky person. I love this team and these people.
Alex: I will miss getting to work with some of the funniest people I know every week and genuine love and respect we have for each other.


What are some of your favorite memories from playing with this team?
Joe: All the kisses
Gab: A lot of my favorite memories went down outside of Philly, while traveling for improv festivals with Fjord. My first time out of the country was with Fjord for the Vancouver International Improv Festival. A couple of Fjordies who I won’t name got in a big drunk vacation fight and hopped out of the driver seat of our rental van. I had to jump up from the backseat and take over and go find these dummies. It was pretty Fast & Furious, tbh, so I had fun. My first time performing in the Del Close Marathon was 3 years ago with Fjord. They always try to wing man me with Jason Mantzoukas but, y’know, to no avail. We have fun.
Scott: I’m not going to bore readers with details of scenes, but my favorite memories are of high stakes / high energy scenes with Joe, dark scenes with Alex, scenes where I got to push Sarah’s boundaries (mentally and physically), creating intense relationships with Gab, my various on stage sexual encounters with Ryan, reacting to Shawna’s beautiful, beautiful brain,  constantly attempting to curve ball Casey only to have him one up me every time, being pushed by Pim regularly to be a better improviser, and last but not least.. steamrolling (literally) Kathryn.

Sarah: Definitely traveling together. Also I will always cherish Fjordies drinking Fourties, and Fjord 20s. These were some of my first friends at the theater. They can’t get rid of me easily. So more memories to come!!!!
Alex: Scott and Joe lifting me up, getting to go to Vancouver hanging all weekend, and having the building evacuated because we (Scott and Ryan) got really into bunny bunny and cause the building to shake.

Fjord would like to thank the PHIT community, especially the students and fellow improvisers who come out and support them on a regular basis. They said, “It means a lot to have that support in the audience and we truly love you all for it. We also want to thank Adam for casting us, and a huge thanks to Kristen Schier for directing us these past 15 months. We have grown a lot especially in the last year and a big part of that was Kristen pushing us to be better and imparting her infinite wisdom upon us. We love her and can’t thank her enough.”

Last week, Hoffman and 1816’s final show sold out, so be sure to get tickets to Fjord and Mainstage’s final show now!

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