Finders Keepers, Our Family-Friendly Show, Is Moving To A NEW TIME!

PHIT Comedy is thrilled to announce that Finders Keepers, our family-friendly improv show, will be moving to Saturday afternoons at 12:00pm beginning July 8th! Each Saturday, the cast of Finders Keepers incorporates audience ideas and participation to create never-before-seen, improvised shows that delight our patrons of all ages.

What if dust bunnies were actual, talking dust bunnies living under your bed? What sorts of adventures might they get into? What happens when a closet full of talking shoes has to deal with how noisy their friend the clog is or try to conduct a meeting with their friend the slipper, who keeps sliding off her chair into a sleepy lump on the ground? What if you went away on vacation and the neighbors you asked to watch your house while you were gone went completely overboard, deciding that the best way to do this would be to move into your house and even fill in for you at your jobs? These are but a few of the characters and comedic situations Finders Keepers brought to the stage last year. Don’t miss a chance to help shape and be a part of the adventures the cast and audience will go on in the future!

The cast of Finders Keepers is comprised of some of Philly’s most talented, playful, young-at-heart improvisers, who captivate our audiences with their lively, interactive performances. Students in our Kids & Teens training center have the added delight of seeing some of their very own teachers performing onstage! Each show runs approximately 45 minutes and is appropriate for all ages. We encourage caregivers to take into consideration the length of the performance when deciding if it is best geared to their children’s attention spans. So, grab your kids and come to our 2nd Stage for some hilarious improv fun, and then make a day of it in Center City by visiting Rittenhouse Park or indulging in some of the tasty treats at the restaurants, bakeries and ice cream parlors in our neighborhood!

Finders Keepers tickets are $5 for children, $10 for adults.

Get your tickets to Finders Keepers’ July 8th show here!

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