Announcing the Newest PHIT Improv House Teams!

This past weekend PHIT held auditions for brand new Wednesday and Saturday improv house teams. This was our first house team audition in over a year and at nearly two hundred people, our largest audition ever. Everyone was wonderful, which made the casting process exceptionally difficult. After several days of deliberation we are pleased to announce our newest PHIT Improv House Teams!

These teams will go be behind closed doors getting into fighting shape for their September debuts. We couldn’t be more excited to see each of them in action (and also find out what they choose as their new team names!). Look for Wednesday teams to debut on September 6th and Saturday teams to start debuting on September 9th.

Tom: I’m very excited to get to work with so many great performers. We truly agonized over what configuration would work best, given the number of high-quality performers we saw throughout the weekend. This group is full of fun players who will make fun and bold choices on stage and help build a welcoming community off stage.

Samantha Abrams
Yvonne Anderson
Peter Quach Duong
Bobby Hayes
Alexis Howland
Tia Kemp
Drew Klemens
Joel Thomas
Joseph Tuzzi

Sheila: Last weekend proved that Philly is overflowing with talent.  It was incredible, but also made my job extremely difficult.  This team is a bunch of delightful improvisers that I can’t wait to laugh with, be surprised by and support during this experience.

Christina Anthony
Jigesh Baxi
Chris Berg
Jabari Dortch
Madison Helmick
Tess Liebersohn
Brett Rader
Jacob Todd
Meghan Walsh

In addition to these fresh new Wednesday night teams we set out to assemble new teams for Saturday. Casting all new Saturday teams was admittedly a big task and it was not one we took lightly. After the amazing showing over the weekend and at callbacks we ended up casting the most teams we have ever cast at the theater at one time and are so happy with each one of them. These Saturday teams will be choosing their directors and we will announce those at a later date.

Scott Campbell
Sarah Clemency
Andrew Coppola
Nicholas Elmer
Brendan Kingston
Cara McGuffin
Melinda Messina
Andrew Nealis
Sean Sullivan
Jimmy Wyatt
Gabriella Bottoni
Robyn Cartlidge
Katie Cwirko
Adrian de Leon
Tom Hannigan
Marcely Jean-Pierre
Kevin Pettit
Kristen Schier
Joe Wendrychowicz
Kelly Conrad
Shannon Fahey
Stacie Lyons
Sheila Master
Emma Needleman
Erin Pitts
Molly Scullion
Christine Walden
Randie Welles
Tara Demmy
Chris Esperance
Matt Garren
Nick Gillette
Apple Milkshake
Kelly Jo Little
Courtney Painter
Jon Plester
Lizzie Spellman
Karen Coleman
Jolie Darrow
Derrick Houck
Dan McClory
Jack O’Keeffe
Annie Paradis
Raja Rajanathan
Peter Szekeres
Pim van Huijkelom

There is so much talent here in Philly. We were genuinely impressed by so many people that we simply did not have room for. There are more auditions and performance opportunities coming soon and we can’t wait make more tough decisions like the above. Meanwhile keep growing and doing great work, which is its own reward.

Be sure to get out and support the current slate of PHIT improv house teams that will have their last shows on 7/22, 7/29, and 8/5 @ 8:30 p.m. They have done amazing work and we look forward to celebrating their runs.

Kristen Schier
Improv Producer

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