Announcing Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2017 Producers

PHIT Comedy is thrilled to announce that planning for Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2017 is officially underway! The producers for this year’s festival have been selected and have started discussions for the marathon. Read more about this year’s producers below!

BFCM 2017 will also be opening festival submissions on Monday, July 17th and closing them on September 15th. Keep an eye out for the submission forms!

Tom Hannigan – Executive Producer

Tom Hannigan has been studying and performing improv for over five years. Tom’s been a member of PHIT House Teams Metropolis and Outside Voices as well as in short run shows Stay Dead!: An Improvised Horror Comedy and Reasonable Doubt for the 2013 Philly Fringe Festival. At PHIT, Tom has taught workshops and hosted his pick up improv show, Super Human Horse, for over two years. In the Fall, he’ll be the director of one of the two Harold teams performing every Wednesday night.


Nicole Yates – Stand-Up Producer

Nicole Yates is a Philly-based Standup Comic who has appeared all over the country in shows at clubs, bars and back rooms of burrito restaurants. She has also appeared in a bunch of silly viral videos, wrote for some late night local talk shows and sketch teams and is the proud Co-Founder of the BFCM. In her free time she enjoys sleeping, various nerdy stuff and collecting things your mom yelled at you for having right after stepping on and then threw out. She also really likes pizza.





Kayleigh Liggitt – Assistant Improv Producer

Kayleigh has been performing improv for about 7 years. She is currently on PHIT house team Hoffman, she runs and performs in the show CORE, and she produces indie shows Free Improv at the Grape Room and Improv Under the El. When she is not doing improv she likes to bike, do yoga, keep tiny humans alive and play Sims.






Patric Ciervo – Assistant Sketch Producer

Patric Ciervo is a comedy writer from Philadelphia who has been active in the sketch comedy scene since fall 2013 with his project Patric Writes Sketches. He is also a member of the PHIT house team Fezziwig. His greatest life achievement is that he once sold Tina Fey a Betsy Ross House Christmas ornament.





Alyssa Al-Dookhi – Assistant Variety Producer

Alyssa Al-Dookhi is an Arab American comedian, writer and game show host living in Philadelphia.
She produces and hosts various shows all over Philadelphia, including the game shows “Eat Your Beats!” and “Make Up Or Break Up.” She can be seen frequently at The Punch Line Comedy Club in Philadelphia and has been featured at the annual Bechdel Test Fest and the Philly Women’s Theater Festival.

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