The Live Read with Gab Bottoni Coming to PHIT on July 26th!

Calling all TV writer wannabes! Tired of asking your friends to read your scripts? Want to know if your humor *really* jumps off the page? Well, don’t just let that sitcom pilot you’ve been working on die on your harddrive. Submit that sh*t to The Live Read!

Whether you just vomited out your 1st draft or are polishing up your 4th, Gab Bottoni and her cast of comedy buds will read your teleplay in front of a LIVE audience, getting you the real reactions you need to write the best script possible.

Send in your pilot script to by JULY 9TH with the subject line “SCRIPTS FOR GAB” for the chance to have it read in front of a live audience by Gab & friends on Wednesday JULY 26TH at 10PM.

We interviewed Gab to learn more about the inspiration behind The Live Read. See what she has to say below!

What gave you the idea for The Live Read?
I got the idea for The Live Read after getting one of my Broad City spec scripts equal parts praised and completely ripped apart on Reddit. I was just looking for some honest feedback from fresh eyes, and boy did the Internet deliver…but in a really chaotic way. I didn’t know who was right about what jokes. Some people loved a joke that others hated.

The reason I posted it on Reddit was because I felt bad always asking my friends and mentors to read my scripts, especially since I’m constantly writing and rewriting them. People have lives and reading scripts and giving notes takes time and effort. I hate asking people I like to give me their time and effort. Those are like the two things that no one has enough of to spare.

So I wondered… isn’t there a way to get honest, immediate feedback on scripts without asking too much of people? Then my brain was like, “table reads are a thing that literally exist for this exact reason, dum-dum.” I wanted to hear people react to a teleplay-formatted story as it hit them, without asking them to read anything. And the idea to make it a show came from me just wanting to include the rest of the community (and the world?) in this process.

What makes you excited about The Live Read?
I’m excited about The Live Read because I’m hoping it draws out the writers from their caves. I hope it inspires people to write more long form content…there are so many talented sketch writers in this city that need to adapt their skills for television. Because that’s where a lot of them belong, in my opinion. I’m excited about starting a space for those people to join me on the grind to get staffed by putting new material up in this fun workshop space. I’m also SUPER excited for the cast I’m going to have read these scripts. I want the people onstage to be having fun so the writers’ dialogue really jumps off the page for our audience. Lastly, I’m really excited for this audience. They’re the most important part of this show and it’s really about them, their laughs, groans and silence. I’m excited for them to abuse that power.

If people google you what will they find? Please limit to tv/film related cred.
If people Google me, they’ll find my website ( Then they’ll learn that I was a multi award-winning Writing for Film & TV graduate from the University of the Arts awarded the highest academic honor for my original series Gab & Kev Make it Weird; they’ll see that I’m a (pending) finalist in the 2017 Sundance Institute’s Episodic Story Lab, and a semi-finalist in the The Second City’s 2017 Sitcom Contest. They’ll learn that I’m a writer and associate producer at a local production company called Lunchbox Communications, and am currently in post-production on a feature documentary. Finally, they’ll discover that I’m in pre-production on an original series for the web with my writing partner, Olivia Kram (stay tuned!).

Are you looking for original ideas or spec scripts?
I’d really like to put a focus on original work. While I’ll accept and read spec scripts, it’s less likely that I’ll put up a spec if original work is being submitted. While specs are great practice and great to have for network writing fellowship submissions, I really think honing our original voices should be our primary focus as writers. My goal is to help an aspiring writer workshop their original pilot teleplay in a super fun, motivating way…and then see them produce it because they got their script to a place they’re proud of. (And then I want to see them sell it, get picked up by Netflix, and staff me in their writer’s room, TBH).

How do you see this show benefiting the writers or submit or the people who watch?
Writers will get the real, honest reactions they need to write the best script possible. And the people who watch will get to see hilarious/talented comedians enact two funny, original narratives that they can follow from start to finish. It’ll be like watching an episode of a show they never heard of, with all the anxieties and in-the-moment-isms of it being a live show. Plus, free beer.

Who did that sweet ass graphic?
That sweet ass graphic was made by the talented, hilarious Shannon “Sweet Ass” Fahey who can also make your sweet ass graphic. Just visit her sweet ass website:

Anything else you’d like to tell people submitting or people excited to watch?
I’ll be providing FREE BEER to all (21 and older) who come to the show!

And for those of you thinking about submitting — PLEASE DO. Don’t be scared of people reading/hearing your work. This is the stuff that will make your good work great. And I’ll be a part of the process the whole time, guiding you, so please HMU if you have questions or concerns!!


*All material remains the property of the writer(s); participating in the live reading does NOT give PHIT ownership of your work.

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