Nick Gillette presents “Demon Magick Seminar”

Join life coach and part-time demonologist Nick Gillette for a 50-minute course on getting yourself out of debt, achieving you dream goals, and compacting with demons summoned according to the exact instructions of the 17th Century grimoire Clavicula Salomonis Regis and/or the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition handbook. This theatrical storytelling performance art summoning ritual, called Demon Magick Seminar, will run on PHIT Comedy’s Mainstage on June 22nd-23rd.

Nick Gillette is a physical theatre artist, a co-­founder of Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, and an instructor at the Philly Improv Theater. He is a graduate of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, a 2014 New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks resident artist, a 2016 Colgate University Christian A. Johnson resident artist, and currently a resident artist at the Philadelphia School for Circus Arts. With Almanac, he has collaborated to devise and perform Communitas (2014), Nightfall (2014), The Fleecing (2015), Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes (2015), and Exile2588, to premiere in the 2016 Fringe Arts Festival. He has performed with Cabaret Red Light, BRAT Productions, Groundswell Players (now Lighting Rod Special), Pig Iron Theatre Co., Alex Bechtel, and the Philly Improv Theater.

Nick says that he has always felt curious about the occult, even if he approaches his investigations skeptically. As a storyteller, he won’t shy away from delving into what he has discovered. He says, “Demon Magick Seminar is about storytelling being stronger than reality. It’s about ghost hunters and UFO cults and ‘prosperity gospel’ preachers. It’s about the rules of Dungeons and Dragons and collaborative fantasy. It’s about me as an ardent atheist coming up against a real desire for magic, any magic, to be real, with all the consequences of living in this humbling reality.”

One big difference between this show and other performances of Nick Gillette’s? He’ll be playing himself! He says, “Most shows I can hide behind the mask of character. But with DMS, the mask is off, the truth as I see it comes out, and that feels like an exciting risk.”

Upon arriving to PHIT for Demon Magick Seminar, audiences can expect to power down their cell phones, label them with a sticky note with their name, and place them in a Faraday cage to contain any electromagnetic radiation. According to Nick, “This is absolutely necessary for the proper conditions of the operation.”

Get tickets for Thursday here or get your tickets for Friday here!

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