Goat Rodeo’s Newest Show

PHIT Comedy sketch house team Goat Rodeo debuts their new show, “Pet Me,” this week! We talked to Goat Rodeo to learn more about what to expect!

Where did you get the idea for the title?
The show title is “Pet Me,” which is nothing like any iconic industry-breaking records from a 60’s Surf band from Hawthorne, California so PLEASE STOP ASKING BECAUSE US GOATS ARE MORE ORIGINAL THAN THAT!! It’s just a cool groovy phrase we liked that has to do with animals, and more specifically, goats!!

What was the writing process like for this show?
For this show ESPECIALLY, all of the writers separately locked themselves in a dungeon with a Little Nero’s lovely cheese pizza three weeks prior to show meetings. Weirdly enough, the writing process was still similar to other Goat Rodeo show processes- which is us all laughing and eating a family-sized bag of our favorite snack food each, which will be the opening of our sitcom should anyone ever want to fund our snack habits!! (SERIOUSLY- we’ll tailor one of the 48 scripts we have pre-packaged to literally any snack company, so please inquire within and you don’t even have to pay in cash or bitcoin, just snack-packz!)

What most excites Goat Rodeo about “Pet Me”?
We’ve done 11 shows together, so at this point we answer as one entity after McGrail tricked us into that seance at the abandoned mini-golf course. So we, bonded by the power of the clown head with shark eyes on the 7th hole, are most excited about how dark and weird this one will get! Sure, we feel like we say that every time but now we’re ETERNALLY OBLIGATED TO by the clown head with shark eyes that forces us against our souls to.

What can audiences expect? What would you like them to know going into the show, if anything?
In true Goat Rodeo fashion, we’ll pull you into a world where you’ll ask yourself “Hey, how did I get here?” But it won’t be SAME AS IT EVER WAS because each show is different! Our goal is to create as many weird worlds onstage that have weird micro-worlds within them, and this is our 11th show so we feel like you’ve seen some stuff, and now you’ll see some more! We think it’s great stuff and we think that you’ll agree, but hey- we don’t want to sound cocky OR put words in your mouth like that clown head with dead shark eyes.

How is this show different than other Goat Rodeo shows?
I mean, we’re all one entity now, so that’s something! Alright- we’ll give ONE THING away…there are multiple references to modes of transportation in this show! If you’ve come to expect anything from a Goat Rodeo show, it’ll definitely be in this one. All new sketches of course, but lots of the standard Goat Rodeo Goodness, which is a phrase we’ll copyright right after we perform this show!


You have four chances to see “Pet Me”
Thursday June 22nd at 8:30pm!
Friday June 23rd at 8:30pm!
Thursday June 29th at 8:30pm!
Friday June 30th at 8:30pm!

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