Dyad presents “A Fantastic Trip!”

Join Dyad (Frank Farrell and Maggy Keegan-Landis) for fast-paced, comedic improv that takes you on a journey into the fantastic. Frank and Maggy create a world full of rich characters where something unusual is about to take place (or already has) that will set these characters on a journey of self-discovery. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and also there might be sea creatures.

Maggy Keegan-Landis is an improv teacher, director, and performer in Philadelphia. She studied improv and sketch in Los Angeles with iO West, The Groundlings, and Second City in Hollywood where she performed with numerous improv groups and in festivals across the country. In Philadelphia, Maggy served as the Artistic Director of Figment Theater. She has directed several improv and sketch groups including Davenger, Triple Double, Playback, ManiPedi, and House of Solitude and she currently serves as the director for the improv team DoublePlay.

Frank Farrell began improvising in 2009, when he joined La Salle University’s troupe Improv 101. He studied at PHIT under Steve Kleinedler, Mike Marbach, and Greg Maughan, and at the UCB Theater in New York. Frank studied extensively with Maggy Keegan-Landis, and taught with her at Figment Theater in Philadelphia, where she helped him discover the power of emotional honesty, the endless joy of playing games, and a core belief that this is the most fun thing we can be doing, and we should always strive to treat it as such. He currently performs with Big Baby, Triple Double, and Study Hall, hosts the weekly improv show Frankenstein, and writes and performs in the sketch comedy duo The Prince.

Dyad art was created by Daniel Corkery.

Dyad is every Monday at 9:00pm. Get tickets to tonight’s Dyad show here!

Maggy will also be leading an improv workshop at PHIT on Sunday July 16th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm. Find out more about Maggy’s workshop, Language of a Scene, here!

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