Finders Keepers: A Family Friendly Show

Finders Keepers is PHIT Comedy’s first family friendly show! Every Saturday evening you can bring your kids to a show the whole family will love. The cast is comprised of teachers in PHIT’s Kids & Teens program and experienced improvisers. The show is suitable for kids ages 10 and up and if you know a funny kid, PHIT offers classes for kids in kindergarten up through high school.

Sarah Clemency, who teaches Beginner Improv Skills for grades 2-3, said, “I think it’s going to be great for young kids to be able to watch improv especially if they are part of our PHIT Kids & Teens program.” The rest of the cast includes Brett Rader, Danielle Klaiman, Derrick Houck, Geoff Hartmann, Kristofer Hodge, Kate Fruhman, Kristen Schier, Kyle Hancock, Mary Collins, Melissa Widhson, Neil Bardhan, Nick Gillette, Rachel Semigran, Renna Wirchin, Sam Abrams, Sue Jay, and Susan LaPalombara. The cast is directed by Joe Tuzzi who is also the TA for Intermediate Short Form Improv for grades 6-8. To learn more about Finders Keepers, we asked Joe a few questions!

Photo by Sam Abrams Photography

How did you get involved with this show?

I starting out as a TA in the Kid and Teens program when Rachel Semigran, who was the director of the program at the time, told us they would be starting a family friendly show and from there I reached out and asked if I could help. A bunch of meetings and planning sessions later and we have our show!

Why do you think parents should take their kids to see Finders Keepers?

The biggest reason is that it’s fun! The kids have a chance to watch long form improv and laugh without worrying about any not family friendly situations.

Photo By Erin Pitts Photography

What makes you excited about getting to work with this cast?

There are just so many amazingly talented people on this cast and seeing them mixed up in so many different ways has been great.

You can see Finders Keepers every Saturday at 5 pm!

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