Just One More Chance to Catch Just Right!

After 27 shows it’s time for the final line-up for Aaron Abramowitz and Mekki Leeper’s Just Right. We’re sad to see the show go, and hope you’ll grab a ticket to help us celebrate the end of it’s run at 9:00 p.m.  on March 27th (that’s next Monday)! You can get tickets for the final show here.

Mekki and Aaron have done an amazing job since the show’s inception bringing top-notch stand-up comics to PHIT Comedy’s stage – and mixing local performers with great out of town guests. The show really did become a destination for visiting stand-ups who were passing through or wanted to make a day-trip over to Philly.

“I was always impressed with how dedicated Mekki and Aaron were: not just to improving as performers, but also as show runners,” said PHIT Comedy founder Greg Maughan. “They really out-hustled anyone when it came to getting talent on the show, and they were serious about only having people perform who could really hold an audiences attention and keep them laughing.”

Although Just Right is ending we hope we’ll continue to see Mekki and Aaron on our stages and shows, and they’ll also be producing and performing all over Philly. PHIT will be continuing our commitment to stand-up comedy as well.

If you’re a comic looking to start booking a showcase or running a mic, you can always reach out to us via email (contact@phitcomedy.com). If you’ve got weird offbeat ideas that mix stand-up and other comedy you can also send it to our variety producer Joe Moore using our variety show pitch form.

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