Introducing The Codename: Bacchus Actors!

The writers for our newest sketch house team, Codename: Bacchus, directed by Kathryn codenamebacchusAmrhein, have been hard at work getting ready for the team’s premiere, so we’ve cast the actors that will help bring their sketches to life.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come out and audition. There were far more talented performers than we could cast at this time, which is very exciting for future projects. We hope to see all of these talented people, and others interested in performing in sketch comedy, get involved by bringing material to PHIT’s sketch open-mic Sketch Up or Shut Up, performing on a show like Theme Show or Monologues, participating in Up All Night (our Improv-to-Sketch 24-Hour Cram), or producing their own independent sketch show at PHIT. Opportunities to grow as a comedian are on the rise in Philadelphia: we look forward to seeing what talented people will assemble the next time we hold performer auditions.

Several Codename: Bacchss writers will act in the team’s shows, and joining them onstage will be:


Nathaniel Biagiotti

Derrick Houck

Jenna Kuerzi

Wendy Lenhart

Brooke McCarthy

Chuong Pham

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