I’m Ok, Are You Ok? A One-Woman Show

Molly Scullion performs her one-woman show I’m Ok, Are You Ok?  this week at PHIT. In this show, Molly tells us about going to therapy and the ups and downs that surround her experiences. This is her second run of the show after it premiered last month. We wanted to learn more about the work behind I’m Ok, Are You Ok? so we asked Molly a few questions.

Why did you want to create I’m Ok, Are You Ok?

“I wrote this show because my outlet is comedy. Comedy is my best therapy and the thing that makes me happiest, and I loved the idea of finding a way to merge that world with my unhappiest moments.”

This show is about a topic that is very personal for you, did you find it difficult to write the show? 

“It is definitely hard to write such personal material, but it’s also the most rewarding. I’ve really loved the process. You certainly relive some less fun moments, but it is such a cathartic feeling to find humor in those darker moments.”

What do you like about performing a one-woman show? 

“What I like about a writing a one-woman show is just being alone with my brain. I talk out loud to myself a lot. I work on it in the car while driving, which I am certain looks crazy to other drivers because I’m just talking to myself non-stop. It’s nice to have the freedom to work on it wherever and whenever since it’s just me. What I don’t like is the lonelier aspect of it. I really like collaborating and pitching ideas back and forth with somebody, and I can’t really do that with this show. That being said, I love the challenge of a one woman show so much. It’s terrifying, but really exciting at the same time.”

You can see I’m Ok, Are You Ok? on Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th at 8:30.

Please note that this show has a trigger warning but it is also funny.

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