Black History Monthly

Black History Monthly is a new diversity-focused variety show at PHIT Comedy. Every second Friday of the month, they create a space for stand-up comedians, sketch comedy, improv, visual artists, and dance, which you can see below. The show was created and is hosted by Leticia Viloria, Ronald Metellus, Brandon Mitchell, and Keane Cobb. With their next show approaching on April 14th, we had to know more about Black History Monthly.

We spoke with the show’s hosts to learn more about their thoughts and dreams.

What sparked you to start this series?
Keane Cobb: I wanted to produce and host a show from scratch. As I was thinking about how to go about it, I was approached by Ronald and Leticia and I jumped at the opportunity.
Leticia Viloria: The lack of places where you can see a wide variety of comedy.  Not just stand up and improv (although I love those as well).
Ronald Metellus: There are a lot of talented POCs who don’t get booked enough. I wanted to stop complaining about it and find a way to get people quality stage time. I also wanted to work with Brandon, Leticia, and Keane.
Brandon Mitchell: Ronald, Keane, and Leticia already had a super fire idea and when I was asked to be apart of it, I couldn’t turn it down.

How do you prepare for a show?
Brandon: When I was a year into stand up, whenever I told my mom I had a show she would tell me “Get rich or die tryin”, so now I listen to 50 Cent before every show.
Keane: Stretch, drink a lot of water, take a deep breath and remember how dope I am
Ronald: I try to find a good shirt to wear. Once, I’ve picked something presentable, I jump around backstage to work out my nerves.
Leticia: Squats

What do you want to get out of this project or where do you see it going?
Brandon: I try not to think too far ahead about where I want this show to go. I’m just hoping that it can me in a position where I could buy a fur coat.
Leticia: Encouraging different types of comedy and hopefully inspiring others to think outside the box.
Keane: I want to be able to show as many different forms of performance arts to the general public as possible. I also want to introduce artists to other artists that may not cross paths. The dream scenario would be for Black History Monthly to get to a national level where stars got their first big break, or just the other hosts and myself become well known and wealthy because of the show. Whichever comes sooner
Ronald: It’d be interesting to do the show in different cities.

Who are your dream guests?
Brandon: Dave Chappelle
Ronald: Saul Williams and Kevin Hart and my grandma.
Keane: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza
Leticia: Reggie Watts

What makes you feel passionate about this show and comedy?
Brandon: Comedy is dope, my friends are dope, and this show is dope. I know that every second Friday we are going to do super fly shit and that right there keeps me going.
Keane: Making people laugh is my best skill. I love how much making someone laugh can change so much for their day. Any way I can provide that, I am more than happy and willing to do so
Leticia: Variety! In New York  (where I’m from) there were so many different types of comedy that labels couldn’t catch up with them! This was good and bad. Burlesque and comedy are great, but watching someone take a nap on stage is not.
Ronald: When I tell people about the show, they’ll sometimes use the word “necessary.” So far, the audiences have been great, so it feels necessary. I’m always excited for them to see the acts we brought together.

You can see the next Black History Monthly show on Friday, April 14th at 9:00 pm!
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