Improv Everything Podcast

In the Improv Everything podcast, the worlds of improv and business come together. This podcast teaches its listeners how to take the concepts in improv and apply them to business. The masterminds behind the Improv Everything podcast are Rob Alesiani, an instructor and performer at PHIT, and Jon Hansen who is the CEO of the Deleware River Port Authority and an improviser.

Last year PHIT’s Rocket Comedy Podcast Network opened their doors for podcast submissions and John wanted to do a podcast about improv and business. He said that from what he sees when people want to apply the concepts of improv into the business world, they are usually improvisers first. But John wanted a different viewpoint on it, “the view from the business side with a businessman and a comedian who are each translating other’s ideas into their own language and worldview.”  So John asked Rob to join him in this podcast adventure and Rob was more than happy to get on board. Rob is a big fan of podcasting and has been a contributor on the Game of Thrones podcast “Stark Raven Mad” which was created and produced by Mike Marbach.

When asked what they hope to do with the Improv Everything podcast, John said, “I want to help people apply improv principles in business and personal relationships in a way that makes them more productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling. I believe that leadership is a collective art form, just like improv, theater, and orchestra. Leadership is truly an act of self-discovery. Done properly, they allow creative expression of the product of the “group mind” as well creative self-expression. In improv, relationships and any type of leadership, there are common tools like listening, conceiving and conveying ideas, interpersonal and group dynamics and status.  When things go well, leaders (and improvisers) work together to create something of value. This act of creation is the act self-expression and collective expression.” And Rob had a similar vision stating, “I hope that we can show folks that the core concepts and practices of good improv can help everyone in many different aspects of their lives.  A huge amount of people find their way into the world of improv for a completely different reason besides wanting to be professional comedians.”

As one of the pilots chosen to be a Rocket Comedy Podcast, John and Rob are excited to be a part of this project. Rob said, “PHIT has been my home for a tenth of my life, and the Rocket Comedy Network is just the next step in showing the world what comedy and content creators in Philadelphia can do.  It’s a very exciting place to be.”

You can listen to Improv Everything on Itunes and Google Play. In their first episode, John and Rob talk with Camden County College President Don Borden.

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