Andrew Makes a Case Podcast

The podcast Andrew Makes a Case is hosted by Andrew Nealis and Tom Hannigan. As described by Tom, Andrew Makes a Case is about “me hate watching a terrible movie while Andrew Nealis bends over backward to explain why things we just watched were good.” This podcast is produced through PHIT Comedy’s Rocket Podcast Network. Last fall, people had the opportunity to pitch podcast pilots to the Rocket Podcast Network and Andrew Makes a Case was one of the eight chosen to be produced.

Andrew and Tom joined forces to create this podcast after they had tossed around the idea of creating what became Andrew Makes a Case. Tom said they would joke around about terrible movies they love and hate at Oh! Shea’s, which is a pub one block away from PHIT Comedy. Andrew felt that he is better at expressing his thoughts through talking than writing and can “ramble all day.” So the podcast format was perfect for him.

When asked about what they want to do with their podcast, Andrew said “I hope to make a very funny show that appeals to bad movie lovers. With the show, I hope I can get my voice out there and share my opinions about dumb things I love.” Tom said this is a project he is excited about and hopes everyone who listens will enjoy it as much as he did.

You can listen to Andrew Makes a Case on Itunes and Google Play!
In this episode Andrew has to watch the movie Bewitched that was released in 2005, staring Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman.

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