Podcast Spotlight: Sarah & Andrea Should Smile

Sarah Carter and Andrea Duffy have created the podcast “Sarah & Andrea Should Smile” through the Rocket Comedy Network. Andrea is a local radio personality on 101.1 more FM. Sarah works in higher-ed as a diversity, social justice, and inclusion expert. Together they combine their awesomeness and expertise to create this podcast about women in comedy.

We wanted to know this dynamic duo got started, so we asked them a few questions on what inspired their podcast.

What made you two want to join forces in creating this podcast?

    When we were developing the pitch for the podcast, I really wanted to ensure that the podcast represented all types of women and perspectives on feminism.  Andrea and I disagree on as many things as we agree, and I think that that is a beautiful thing.  We come from different places in our feminism, our comedy, yet it’s all geared to the same goal.  I think our styles complement each other well so I reached out to her to be a part of the podcast.

Why did you want to make a podcast about women in comedy? What is it about that topic that makes you passionate about it? 

    We wanted to take the conversations that we have as women in our friend groups, our improv teams, online in secret all-women Facebook groups, into the public sphere and connect women of all backgrounds and in all types of comedy as well as let women in comedy know that they are not alone.  Additionally, we wanted to give women a chance to dialogue about what to do next so that we’re taking risks on and off stage, making on and off stage better for us.  While it’s about women in comedy, we hope men listen and learn something to make both their relationships and comedy with women better experiences.

Why did you title the podcast Sarah & Andrea Should Smile?

    We named the podcast Sarah & Andrea Should Smile to reclaim the age old catcall “Hey Baby, you should smile.”  Because we smile when we want to smile.  Also, we smile at good comedy

You can listen to Sarah & Andrea Should Smile on

iTunes and GooglePlay

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