Mainstage Improv: Favorite Moments

Every Saturday night a group of experienced improvisers take the PHIT stage. The Mainstage Improv cast is made up of 13 comedians and the show’s cast rotates, which means every week there are different players. With a group of comedians this funny, you never know what could happen when you come to a show.

This made us think that the cast must have had some fun moments together over their months of performing. So we asked some of the Mainstage cast what their favorite moments have been together.

Kristen Schier
“I recently have enjoyed the bold choices a cast of this level of talent and experience makes on a regular basis. Pim played a snake eating people at an office.”

Robyn Cartlidge
“Two shows ago, Erin made this awesome move and named Dan’s character Tim Allen. He was auditioning to be a super hero’s (Lali & Shelia) sidekick and Erin came in like his assistant telling him he was late for the show. He spent the rest of the show doing walk-ons and just grunting like Tim “Toolman” Taylor. It was brilliant!”

Caitlin Weigel
‘There are some hula hoops in the green room and we’ve all gotten SO GOOD at doing tricks with them. Like a group of very impressive seals! That’s us!”

Jessica Snow
“My favorite moment from a Mainstage show so far was Pim’s snake. Kristen and Sheila started a scene with Kristen announcing that her snake was loose in the office. Pim immediately started slithering on the ground way upstage behind them. Throughout the show I think that snake ate three people on stage and a bunch of people and cows offstage. It didn’t look terribly fun to do physically, but Pim committed and everyone jumped on board, sacrificing themselves to be eaten by this snake. I imagine it looked really ridiculous from the audience; it felt ridiculous doing it.”

That’s one of the best parts about Mainstage. Everyone is so good, but they have their own specialties. I also really enjoy any time Marcely sings.”

Marcely Jean-Pierre
“My favorite part of being on the mainstage cast is being able to play with so many people I have looked up to and admired as performers. A favorite moment of mine was during a rehearsal when a bunch of us were making goofy noises as sideline support to a scene and we all made one another laugh a whole lot. Robyn cried from laughing so hard.”

Photograph by Michael Marotta

Reading about how much fun the cast has probably made you want to see their show and you can! Every Saturday night at 7:00 the Mainstage Improv cast brings the laughs.

The current full cast features Caitilin Weigel, Dan Corkery, David Donnella, Erin Pitts, Hasreet Gill, Jacob Todd, Jess Snow, Kristen Schier, Marcely Jean-Pierre, Pim Van Huijkelom, Robyn Cartlidge, Sheila Master, and Whitney Harris. 

You can get tickets for Mainstage Improv and check out all our shows on PHIT’s website!

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