Podcast Spotlight: Should Have Gone Home

Rocket Comedy Podcast Network is live and ready for your ears to enjoy those podcasts! With the launch of eight brand new podcast pilots, we wanted to learn more about what inspired these podcasts and the people who created them. This week we spoke with the brains behind the podcast Should Have Gone Home, Robyn Cartlidge and Sean Sullivan.  We asked them a few questions to learn more about what inspired them and discovered some very interesting things.

Picture by Erin Pitts Photography

Picture by Erin Pitts Photography

How did you come up with the idea for this podcast, Should Have Gone Home?
Robyn and I were tailgating for a Tibetan soccer match that ended up being canceled due to the lack of adequate dancing, our bad Tibet, our bad. We fell into it with a couple of merchant marines, that took offense to Robyn’s ability to slide perfectly down the stadium railing. They called it show boating, I call it gravitas. So, I told them to go back to the boat showing, then came the lols. Eventually they embraced us as their own, and before we knew it, we’re docked in Calcutta at a spice market looking for some damned rare flower. I said, “From now on, we’re recording the rest of our conversations, forever, and we have to have another person there as a buffer.”

What makes you passionate about this project?
Education people! Education is failing us! We feel anyone we can reach with such sage wisdom as, adding maple syrup to your Rumple Minz (take THAT, mixology) can be freed up to solve the world’s bigger problems. We got this one science nerds, just kidding, please pay attention to scientists and teachers* (not all).

Have either of you worked on or been on podcasts before?
We used to tour with a Grateful Dead podcast, but we both hated the music so much, we figured out we were just into sitting in a room with microphones, talking to people with horrific or inspirational stories involving a whole spectrum of drunken or equally idiotic failures and or triumphs. And neither of us have the stomach or brain power to spare for a strict diet of nitrous oxide.

Picture by Erin Pitts Photography

Picture by Erin Pitts Photography

How do you know when you should go home?
If you have a responsibility, not a task. A responsibility is feeding your pet, or being a concerned global citizen. A task is washing out the drink you just spilled on your shirt. Take your shirt off, you’re a citizen of the world! That stain is a memory.

Why should people listen to your podcast?
The same reason you listen to any podcast. You want to take part in a conversation, but refuse to engage the 1000’s of physical people around you. RUN AWAY! We can learn you, and maybe save your life.

What podcasts would you recommend and why?
Too many, probably everything except for rap or country podcasts. I’m sure there’s a child-podcast savant about to be born that’s had a pair of Bose headphones around it’s womb apartment, piping in NPR. Save us Podcastina! Until then, speed through the hot pods on our network. There’s something for all of you!

Anything else you want the public to know?
We’re going to turn this into a live show and bring a keg of Non-alcoholic beer so we can see who’s totally faking, ignore the pink elephants guys they’re a distracting cliché, we scooby doo’d you fam! The penalty is to subscribe to SHOULD HAVE GONE PODCAST on iTunes or Google Play.

You can listen to the first episode of Should Have Gone Home where they interview Philadelphia comedian, Caitlin Weigel, on iTunes and Google Play!

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