Introducing Codename: Bacchus

For the second time in 2016, myself and a few select readers had the pleasure of pouring over 40 submitted packets for the latest PHIT Sketch House team – and for the second time in 2016, putting together this team proved to be a challenging process given the sheer amount of talent present in Philadelphia. Despite the difficult process of narrowing 40 great packets down to a six-person writing team, Director Kathryn Amrhein has assembled a formidable collection of strong, varied writers that will be taking the to the PHIT stage in May 2017.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a sketch packet. The amount of talent in Philadelphia is growing every day, and I look forward to seeing everyone who submitted a packet continue their relationship with sketch writing at PHIT – whether through our sketch open-mic Sketch Up or Shut Up, performance opportunities with Theme Show and Monologues, participating in Up All Night (our Improv-To-Sketch 24-Hour Cram), or producing their own independent sketch show at PHIT. There have never been more opportunities for up-and-coming sketch comedians to grow their talents in Philadelphia, and I look forward to seeing every writer who submitted growing and continuing to produce great comedy.

– Jack O’Keeffe, Sketch Producer



Director – Kathryn Amrhein
Head Writer: Andrea Duffy
Alexis Howland
Alyssa Truszkowski
Ian Thomas Fletcher
Kristofer W. Hodge
Patric Ciervo

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