A Fond Farewell to Two Late

This month we will bid farewell to the late night talk show, Two Late with Rob and Joe. The Two Late crew are hanging up their hats after two and a half years of fun. We have had the pleasure to see them host local interesting guests and entertain audiences with their jokes and bits.

Since the show is coming to it’s close on December 30th, we asked Rob and Joe what Two Late has meant to them.


Joe (right) and Rob (center) with guest, WMMR’s Pierre Robert

Rob Alesiani

Philadelphia is a place where so much is possible. Two weirdos who are the best of friends but are very different comedians could come together to make something that was greater than they are. Something special and fun.

There were those early on, that told us we could never really depend on anyone other than each other to make the show work. We’ve found that time and time again, that wasn’t the case. There have been those who have been with us the whole journey who we couldn’t have done this without. There were those who were only with us for part of the journey, either early on, or later on, and those people were equally indispensable in making the show run successfully. Two Late was always about the team and wtwolate1hat they brought to the table. We never once found ourselves without help when we asked for it.

So if anyone is reading this and wants to create something here, do it. Take the leap and get a group together and get to work.

This isn’t the ending, just the end of this chapter. We’ll see you guys at the next Two Late.

Joe Tuzzi

Two Late has made me happy. It was the first risky thing I tried in the city and it has taught me more about who I am as a comedian than anything else. More importantly than that though the show gave me a chance to work with so many amazing people. The group of writers we had on the show over the last 2.5 years have been wonderful people. Without a good group of people behind us I don’t know if two late would have been what it was so I want to just say thank you to every single person who helped.

I’m going to miss this show because damn it, I loved it all.

You can see the final Two Late show on Friday, December 30th at 10:30 pm!

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