PG-13 is one of PHIT’s improv house teams that was cast in May of this year. David Donella, who is the theater’s Diversity Coordinator and an improviser on The Future, cast the team. When improv teams are cast they begin performing shows on Wednesday nights. They use a form called The Harold, which students are taught in Improv 401. Since PG-13 has been together for a few months now, we decided to ask them a few questions and learned a few interesting facts about this team.


How is performing now different from PG-13’s first show?
We like each other enough now to get really riled up about the dumbest stuff before our shows. Like cartwheels and juggling and shoe bits.

Why did you pick the name PG-13?
It’s not a good story, actually. Please don’t ask.

What movie would you sneak into? pg-13
Casey: Ghost
Sue: Ghost
Soumya: Ghost
Stacie: Ghost
Matt: Ghost
Nicole: Ghost
Kilo: Ghost
AJ: Ghost
Nick: Ghost

Does PG-13 have any rituals before a show?
Both before and after our shows, we do the chant from Coach Reilly’s team in the hit movie The Mighty Ducks: “It’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!” It gets us hyped. We also do something with our hands to remind us to “get messy” (a favorite coaching tip from our leader, David Donnella).

What are your favorite things about your teammates?
The sexual tension.

What would you all like to hear an audience member say after seeing a PG-13 show?
We already got the best audience comment we could have hoped for. “You did a Harold.”- Mike Marbach (PHIT Comedy’s Education Director)

What would you say to people who have recently started taking improv classes?
It’s not worth winning, if you can’t win big.

You can see PG-13 every Wednesday night at PHIT Comedy!
Get tickets here!

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