The Rocket Podcast Network is ready to take off with the premiere of its pilot podcast episodes this week! In April of this year, it was announced that a new podcast network was in the works at PHIT Comedy. The network’s Podcast Coordinator is Hunter Steffes, who is also a performer on the improv house team Big Baby and the director of Hackett Park. Hunter had the task of picking eight pilot episodes out of more than 85 pitches that were submitted to be recorded and produced.

We asked Hunter some questions to get more intel on the new podcast network.

Sarah and Andrea Should Smile

Why did you want to start the Rocket Podcast Network at PHIT?
We wanted to give our talented community another platform to create something, and share it with both Philadelphia and also the entire internet.

What is your goal with the network?
We just want to continue to help people make their voices heard. Hopefully there will be a great mix of long-running shows and exciting new ones, all with unique, interesting and funny voices.

What do you love about podcasts? 
I like the more personal nature of podcasts, the format allows listeners to feel more connected to and invested in the hosts of their favorite shows. My favorite show is Comedy Bang Bang.

What do you want people to know about the Rocket Podcast Network? 
We have 8 great pilots, all covering different interests and with great, unique voices and points of view. Please listen to them all! You might find your new favorite show!

The podcast pilots debuting include: improveverythinggraphic

Improv Everything with John Hanson and Rob Alesiani

Andrew Makes The Case with Andrew Nealis and Tom Hannigan

Geek Girl Rants with Anita Nicholson

SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME with Sean Sullivan and Robyn Cartlidge

Should Have Gone HomeKid-Goggles with Matt Garren, Jeremy Keys, and Stacie Lyons

Oddventures with Brendan Kingston and Mo Manklang

Sketch Comedy Shop Talk (working title) with Matt Schmid

Sarah & Andrea Should Smile

Look out for these podcasts and more to come from the Rocket Podcast Network!

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