PHIT Comedy Training Center’s Conservatory Classes Are Expanding!

For several years, we’ve been offering a special Conservatory class for graduates of our improv program as way for them to do more intensive work and have the experience of performing a run of several shows. Our Conservatory classes have typically been offered a few times and year and those performances have taken place on weekend afternoons at the same time as Training Center class shows.

During the course of this year, we’ve noticed a surge in the number of students trying to get into the very limited number of spots in Conservatory classes and have also been getting requests from students for more higher level elective courses and more shows for those courses. As a result we’ve spent the last few months figuring out how we can offer more Conservatory opportunities to graduates of our training center.

Today we’re excited to announce we will begin offering more conservatory classes for graduates of the core curriculum immediately. A new conservatory application is now live for a class to start in December with veteran performer and director of Untitled, Rachel Semigran! We intend to offer conservatory classes as often as demand and space in our classrooms allows. Conservatory classes will now fall outside of the standard five sessions we offer each year with most beginning toward the start of a month.

The newly expanded conservatory classes will come in several varieties: in addition to continuing to offer our traditional conservatory class which focused students working with their instructor on creating an original form or style, we’ll now be offering classes that experiment with established forms and styles, taught by all of our amazing faculty (and occasionally veteran performers from PHIT’s stage). As 2017 progresses we hope to include a sketch conservatory class once we’ve completed the roll out of our new sketch curriculum, and we may have other experimental conservatory class types as well.

The main differences that distinguish the conservatory classes from classes in our core curriculum will be the expanded performance opportunity of a month-long run at the theater, a prerequisite of having completed the core curriculum, and the requirement of all conservatory students to apply for and be accepted into each conservatory class they take.

As another addition to the new Conservatory, workshops we previously labeled as having a prerequisite of completing the core curriculum and our Master Classes will now fall under the umbrella of the conservatory as well.

Students can also take conservatory classes multiple times and have a new experience each time since the form, style, focus, instructor, students, etc will always be changing. If you’ve completed the core improv program or have already done a conservatory class and have wondered what’s next- here it is!

Hope to see you in a class soon!

Mike Marbach
Education Director

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