wizard-of-oozeThere’s no better way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year then by creating a sketch show with your friends. With Halloween around the corner, a couple of pals Joe Tuzzi (Fjörd, Two Late) and Gab Thom (The Worst Generation) decided to make The Wizard of Ooze.

We asked them some questions to get to know what makes their show the ooziest.

How did the Wizard of Ooze come to life and what inspired you to create this show?
We have been dying to work on a project together for months now. We both love Halloween and decided there would be no better time! With help from our great friends who are great writers and great performers, we were able to put it together.

Are there any writing techniques or games that you use to generate material?
A lot of it was finding our favorite parts of Halloween and twisting it. But not candy corn, because gross, we aren’t monsters.

If this show was a Magic 8-Ball and had only one phrase it kept telling you every time you shook it what would it be?
Probably “lol ok.” Real vague but not directly negative.

What makes the best kind of ooze?
Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers certainly makes the best kind of ooze. He is our daily inspiration.

What would you like to hear people say after seeing your show?
We’d be fine with a gentle “that wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” But mainly, we’re just looking to get our audience in the spooky Halloween spirit! *insert evil laugh*

What advice does the Wizard of Ooze have for aspiring sketch writers?
Just do it (Nike). If you have an idea, don’t let it go. Keep thinking about and keep working on it until it’s what you want it to be.

Will the show be spooky?
THE SPOOKIEST! You won’t sleep after seeing it. (You will likely be able to sleep after seeing it, so still come please.)

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Friday, October 28, 2016


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