Hackett Park is an improv house team at PHIT that was cast by Hunter Steffes in May of this year. Since their debut show in August we’ve seen them grow as a team. We asked Hackett Park a few questions to get to know them better and find out what performing on PHIT’s stage has been like for them so far.

Hackett Park

Now that you’ve been performing on the PHIT stage for a few months, what is something that you’ve learned?
There’s a lesson you learn over and over in improv, namely that anything can be fun and funny if you have your teammates’ backs. Whether it’s been a catcalling moon, some hand holding or the many explorations of pirate psyche, it’s been great for us to revisit that together.

What are the best parks?
We have our individual favorites but Insider Louisville makes a VERY compelling case the 120 Metro Parks inside of Louisville.Hackett Park

Where did the name Hackett Park come from?
It is a translation from the Latin on our family crest.

What are your favorite things about your teammates?
How weird we are and how everybody’s own particular strange-musk compliments each other to make the eau de toilette you’ll recognize hanging in the air of any Hackett Park show.

Do you have any advice for aspiring improvisers?
Learn as much as you can and play with people you like.


See Hackett Park every Wednesday night at PHIT Comedy!
Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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