kidhandsomeTaking the PHIT stage every Wednesday night in October is Kid Handsome! These devilishly handsome kids are part of the Launch Pad program. Here independent improv teams have the opportunity to participate in a three-month intensive development, coaching, and performance run at PHIT. Kid Handsome is coached by Melinda Messina who is a performer on the PHIT Dynamite Series, Study Hall.

Find yourself wanting to know more about Kid Handsome? We certainly did! So we asked them a few questions to get to know them better and find out what really makes them so handsome.

What brought you all together as a team?
Remember that scene in Disney’s 1997’s hit film Hercules when the planets aligned and then Hades released the Titans from their prison (spoiler alert)? And they all started stomping around and unleashing chaos on both the world and the heavens? Sometimes it feels like that was how we were brought together. In reality, some of us were in Steve Kleinedler’s 201 class and decided to start an independent team, and it kind of branched out from there.

What have you all most enjoyed about the Launch Pad experience?
Melinda brings us treats every time we practice. Also, we’ve been hitting game really hard and have been very focused on finding the fun in things, which we think suits us well and lets us be the weird little monsters that we are.

What sort of themes often find their way into a Kid Handsome performance?
Complete absurdity. Finding the fun in historically not-fun things. We sing a lot. We’d probably be a really good show for someone who is battling some serious demons. Like, just for our edification, if someone out there who is suffering emotionally can let us know if this is true, that’d be great.

How does Kid Handsome “get in the zone” for a show?
Big booty, Mind-Meld, and Five Things. Sometimes Jeremy sings Cotton Eyed Joe and we play the accompanying instruments. It’s just such a jam, you know? We also talk about Juggalos and chant “fam-il-y”. We’re not Juggalos. Yet.

What makes Kid Handsome so handsome?
Dan’s mustachioed smile.
Matt G.’s Michael Caine impression.
Gab’s eyebrows.
George’s shirts.
Jeremy’s charisma.
Matt R.’s beard.
Jonathan’s eyes.
Stacie’s cat earrings.

What makes Kid Handsome laugh the most?
Impressions? Probably impressions. We make a lot of the same jokes when we hang out and laugh over and over again. We think we’re really funny.

Who is Kid Handsome’s celebrity crush?
Jeremy, when he becomes famous. Until then, Natalie Imbruglia.

What would you all like to hear an audience member say after seeing a Kid Handsome show?
An anonymous person told our coach that he “wished he loved anything as much as Kid Handsome loves each other.” It made us feel a lot of feelings. We hear from people that we seem like we’re best friends, and it’s because we are. Our improv comes from a place of love and support. We hope it shows. Other than that, we’d love it if someone would yell “BLAMMO!!” afterward. Out of happiness.

What is Kid Handsome’s advice for aspiring improvisers?
Don’t be afraid to be weird. Be really, really weird. Be a creature in someone’s nightmare. Be brave. Do improv with people who will support your choices and not judge you. Hang out a lot. Love and trust each other.

You can find Kid Handsome on Instagram @kidhandsome and on Facebook @kidhandsomecomedy. They host a semi-monthly show at Ortlieb’s.

See them every Wednesday night this month at 7:30pm!
You can purchase tickets below.

Wednesday, October 12 at 7:30pm
Wednesday, October 19 at 7:30pm
Wednesday, October 26 at 7:30pm

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