As paKilimanjarort of PHIT’s Launch Pad program, PHIT stage will be the proud home of independent team Kilimanjaro every Wednesday night in September at 7:30 P.M.! The Launch Pad program is an opportunity for local independent improv teams to participate in a three-month intensive development, coaching, and performance period with PHIT. Kilimanjaro is currently coached by Rob Alesiani of PHIT Sketch House Team The Worst Generation.

We have put together a very adventurous and bold and airy and mountainous Q&A to help you get to know the lovely team that is Kilimanjaro.

What brought you all together as a team?
It all started in a 101 class this past January. Thanks to a great mix of authentic and supportive personalities, we naturally grew closer through weekly jams and late nights at O’Shea’s. Kilimanjaro officially became an indie team when we couldn’t all take the same 201 but wanted to continue improvising and hanging out together every week.

What have you all most enjoyed about the Launch Pad experience?
What’s not to enjoy about the Launch Pad experience? Not only has it been like our very own specialized class, but we have loved having the opportunity to learn from another experienced improviser, Rob, and being challenged in new ways.

What sort of themes often find their way into a Kilimanjaro performance?
Wizardry and Adventure. Or neither of those things. We flip flop.

So say Kilimanjaro actually climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and each teach member developed a catchphrase along that climb what would be each team member’s catchphrase?
“Where’s my water bottle?” – Alexis
“I don’t do sports.” – Adam
“I don’t know, man…” (scratches head) – Tom
“That’s sexual.” – Meghan
“Don’t worry, I have a plan.” – Catherine
“Hang on, I need to get a picture.” – Michael
“Ass, ass, ass.” – Johnny
“That would make a sweet-ass back tattoo.” – Allison
“Chill hard.” – Chris

How does Kilimanjaro “get in the zone” for a show?
We gather around a table of snacks and talk about Mike’s refusal to sleep, Adam’s new favorite sports team, Alexis’ mad DJ skills, what Tom thinks sucks today, Meghan’s insane roommates, where in the world Johnny is, Catherine’s most recent dating fail, Allison’s festive quinoa summer salads, and Chris being the most stable out of the group.

What makes Kilimanjaro laugh so hard that they feel like throwing up, but they won’t?
When we finish the show and Chris finally realizes we’ve been doing a Harold the whole time….

What would you all like to hear an audience member say after seeing a Kilimanjaro show?
“You guys didn’t use my suggestion.”

What is Kilimanjaro’s advice for aspiring improvisers?
Don’t go home after class. Stay, hang out, do the jam, make friends…be silly. Be yourself.

Catch Kilimanjaro every Wednesday this September at 7:30 P.M. !
You can even purchase tickets for their first two shows below!


Follow Kilimanjaro on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @KilimanjaroPHL !

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