PHIT Comedy’s Rocket Comedy Network Announces Fall Podcast Pilots!

Rocket Comedy Network, PHIT Comedy’s new digital playground for the Philly comedy community, is excited to announce the launch of a first for Philly Comedy: a podcast network dedicated to developing and promoting Philadelphia comedy talent to a national audience. Heading up this exciting expansion of PHIT Comedy’s support for comedy in Philly is Hunter Steffes, our Podcast Coordinator.

Hunter actually started work this summer when we solicited and reviewed podcast pitches from across the comedy community in Philadelphia. We were so pleased with the amount of interest around our new podcast program – over 85 pitches! – and were faced with the good problem of having to choose from a ton of great ideas. We deliberated, and have ultimately chosen the eight great shows  below to debut pilot episodes in November.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the first Rocket Comedy Network Podcast Pilots…

Photo Credit: Tom Gralish

Photo Credit: Tom Gralish

An Improvable Approach with John Hanson and Rob Alesiani:
An Improvable Approach: Applying Improv Concepts to Business, Government, Education, and Community will take on the task of educating listeners on how different improv concepts and can be applied in the business world. Each episode a guest from the world of business, government or education will join co-hosts John Hanson (CEO of the Delaware River Port Authority) and Rob Alesiani (PHIT Comedy Instructor) for a lively discussion on the intersection of comedy, improv, and professional life – to lay out how improv concepts can be beneficial in professional leadership and personal growth.

Andrew Makes The Case with Andrew Nealis and Tom Hannigan:
For every episode of Andrew Makes the Case Andrew Nealis will watch whatever movie his listeners ask him to endure – then try to convince co-host Tom Hannigan and a guest that everyone else has it all wrong and they are missing out on a hidden gem of the silver screen! Will he succeed?

Geek Girl Rants with Anita Nicholson:
Geek Girl Rants is a monthly pop culture rant/rave/review round-up of the issues within popular culture (especially television) featuring female and minority perspectives with a humorous bent. From episode to episode you’ll get passionate rants, round table discussions, interviews with local female, minority, and transgender comedians, and spotlights on upcoming geek events.

I SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME with Sean Sullivan and Robyn Cartlidge:
Have you ever been out all night and watched the sunrise or ended up at a strangers apartment and had to make a great escape? Did you wind up in a jail cell or help apprehend a criminal yourself? Fall asleep on a train or bus with no phone or wallet stranding yourself far from home? Have you started a dance party at a WaWa? Did you do shots with Justin Beiber? Said I love you to someone at the worst possible time? Been beaten up by a senior citizen? Skinny dipped in shark infested waters? Sean and Robyn will be listening to all these stories and sharing their own similarly inspired drunken or misguided acts that were all in the pursuit of squeezing every ounce of juice out of seemingly doomed evenings. The focus in I SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME will be discussions of where guests’ stories went wrong or right, what was learned and applied to future escapades, or what ended up burned into their memories (or bodies) for life.

Kid-Goggles with Matt Garren, Jeremy Keys, and Stacie Lyons:
Each episode of Kid-Goggles will aim to answer the question: did we like that thing as kids because it was good or because we were idiots? Hosts Matt Garren, Jeremy Keys, and Stacie Lyons will invite guests to bring a piece of entertainment from their childhood that they loved to the point of obsession – a movie, a musician, a toy, etc. –  then pass final judgement on it with the benefit of hindsight. Watch out nostalgia!

Oddventures with Brendan Kingston and Mo Manklang:
A show that has the goal of being just like This American Life – but creepy and focused in in Philadelphia. Each episode Brendan and Mo will explore areas of local significance, interview experts and comedians, and find interesting (and maybe creepy!) things to bring to your attention.

Photo Credit: Sam Abrams Photography

Photo Credit: Sam Abrams Photography

Sketch Comedy Shop Talk (working title) with Matt Schmid:
A podcast from PHIT Instructor Matt Schmid, focusing on sketch comedy and featuring interviews with comedians from across the country (those you know and those you *should* know) about their sketch comedy writing practices and philosophies.

Photo Credit: Andrea Duffy

Photo Credit: Andrea Duffy

Untitled Women in Comedy Podcast with Sarah Carter and Andrea Duffy:
Local radio personality Andrea Duffy and higher-ed diversity expert Sarah Carter bring you the latest from the ongoing discussion of lady comedians (of all types!) through interviews, games, and clips of the best comedy by or related to women. Featuring discussion of current hot topics around women in comedy like harassment, being one of the guys, etc., mixed with historic context from the stories of ground-breaking female comics, this podcast promises to inject these important conversations into Rocket Comedy Network’s offerings and the national conversation.

Work is already underway to bring these ideas to life in just a few short weeks – stay tuned for more news on when/where/how to listen to all these shows when they premiere online this fall!








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