24ebc42e-3aa2-4a81-b12e-859499bebc99Every first Friday of the month at PHIT Brought To You By… showcases submitted video sketches. These submitted videos are then watched and curated into a show by a group of writers. These writers get a sponsor every month that they are obligated to do several commercials and plugs for. Often more plugs than they would like. Often hilarious plugs. Now you are probably wondering about the writers. You probably want to meet the writers. Here is information about the writers:

Casey Hogan: The Nick Fury of Brought To You By. His crisp writing, eye for detail and inventive ideas are all clear signs he’ll be just as funny as Pete Szekeres some day.

Andrea Duffy: Andrea’s dog, Spencer, is one of the greatest sketch writers that ever lived and Andrea is the only one who can translate his barks to English. This comedy conduit is well on her way to becoming just as funny as Pete Szekeres some day.

Emma Needleman: Emma “Mad Dog” Needleman is a comedy force of nature. Her sharp wit paired with her hysterical “tell it like it is” demeanor are all clear signs she’ll be just as funny as Pete Szekeres some day.

Droob: Droob doesn’t have money but what he does have are a very particular set of skills. Skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a laugh-out-loud riot for people like you. All reasons that he will be just as funny a Pete Szekeres some day.

Hodge: Hodge is a delightful man who brings snacks and spreads cheer to every writing room he’s in. He’s well aware that the highest form of comedy is prop comedy and it’s evident he’ll be just as funny as Pete Szekeres some day.

Pete Szekeres: No one knows Pete’s current whereabouts but every new moon he leaves a freshly caught salmon wrapped in a freshly written sketch submission on Casey Hogan’s door step.

Written by: Pete Szekeres.

Have a sketch video? Submit it to for a chance to have it showcased during an upcoming show!

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2016 9:00 P.M. 

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