Changes to Booking A Show at PHIT!

Hello Indie Improv Teams!

Starting in August, PHIT will begin using a new process to book and schedule indie teams on our stages. This process is meant to streamline booking, listing, and promoting Independent Teams – guaranteeing the highest quality shows and the better marketing of those shows so they can play for larger crowds on our stages.

The submission process will happen via a Google Form posted at the beginning of each month in the PHIT Company Members Page, PHIT Training Center page, The Philly Comedy Network Page, on our website blog, and on other relevant improv and performance opportunity outlets as we identify them. The form will accept information for booking two months in the future (i.e. in August, we will book for October; in September, we will book for November; etc.). The deadline to submit the form will be on the 7th of each month, giving teams a full week to get their requests in while still allowing PHIT’s artistic staff plenty of time to review submissions and send/confirm performance offers so that the theater will have a minimum of one month to promote the shows we book.

Here is the Booking Request Form for October: PHIT October Booking Request Jawn

It is my sincere hope that this form is helpful to Independent Improv Teams as it will allow us to collect information about your show so we may more effectively market it. The form asks teams to provide a cast list, specific promotional materials, and links to their social media outlets. This information will then be used as a way of doing a more specific event listing for the shows that get selected to perform on PHIT’s stage.

Thanks everyone – now get those booking requests in! (We have put the first form live a week early, along with this announcement, so people have time to review it and start collecting the materials/answers they will need to complete booking requests).

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