Intro class sale: Improv 101 & Sketch 101 Only $199! That’s $100 off now through now February 8th, 2016!


And just like that, it’s February. Valentine’s Day, presidential primaries, and Punxsutawney Phil’s annual visit are breathing down our necks. One week ago, we were under a mountain of snow. Today, Spring is just around the corner, and the spirit of new growth, we’re having a sale on our Spring Session!

That’s right. Don’t let the plants do all the growing this Spring! Branch out with an improv or sketch class at the Philly Improv Theater. Whether you’re interested in comedy, looking to try something new, or just trying to meet some new people, we got your back! Our classes are creative, inclusive, and, above all, FUN–and for the next week all intro level classes are only $199 through February 8th, 2016! That’s $100 off the full registration cost and you still get access to practice groups, free show admission and more!

Are you hesitant to enroll because you’re thinking “what’s improv or sketch and how can it help me?” you should know that we have a ton of free workshops you can register for THIS WEEK that will give you an overview of what to expect in an eight week class. You’ll have fun, learn something, meet new people and you won’t pay a dime.

This intro class sale includes several special classes such as Musical Improv 101 with Jerome Kurtenbach and Improv For Actors with Tara Demmy. If you’ve been doing improv you can give sketch writing a whirl. If you’e been writing, learn to write on your feet with improv classes. Improv and sketch are basically cousins and there’s something to be gained from learning both. If you’re looking at an Improv 201 through 401 class or Sketch Writing 201 it’s worth noting that this will be the last session at the current prices.

As always, if you’ve enjoyed your time at PHIT please share this information with you friends, family, or even strangers. You can follow us on Twitter @PHITComedy and Facebook and easily retweet and share this information. We count on this organic sharing of information to grow our audience. We can’t do any of this without you!

Hope to see you in a class or around the theater soon!

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