Session 2 Classes Enrolling Now! Try Before You Buy With Free Workshops!

A few weeks ago we started our first session of classes for 2016 and we’re already a couple weeks into enrolling Session 2 classes! Whether you are new to improv or sketch or have been around for a while, I’m pret-ty sure Session 2 will have something for you.

Improv Class 2In addition to our regular (and awesome) slate of improv and sketch writing classes, there are a few more great things coming in Session 2 including the return of Musical Improv 101 with Jerome Kurtenbach, a brand new Duos Class with Kristen Schier, the first 2016 section of Sketch Writing 201 with Paul Triggiani, and more to be announced soon! As I always say, if you’re interested in a higher level class it’s best to register early. 201-401 classes tend to sell out long before their start dates. This is also the last chance to get into a class at current prices before prices increase next session! Later this session we will also begin accepting applications for the next round of the PHIT Improv Conservatory instructed by Steve Kleinedler, which will begin classes in May. There will also be lots of one day workshops and practice groups for current students and anyone in between classes to learn a new skill or freshen up an old one.

Are you new to improv or sketch writing and unsure what you’d be getting yourself into? We got your back! We have a ton of free workshops you can register for that will give you an overview of what to expect in an eight week class. You’ll have fun, learn something, meet new people and you won’t pay a dime. Check out this list for upcoming Free Intro to Improv and Free Intro to Sketch Writing workshops. Also, be sure to check out our Diversity Program. We are now accepting applications for the next round of scholarships!

We’re always eager to hear about your class experience. If you have any class related questions, comments or concerns always feel free to email and Mike Marbach or David Donnella will help you out. Hope to see you in a class or at a show soon!

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