Flat Earth’s Favorite On Stage Deaths

Since their first show over three years ago, Flat Earth has gained a reputation as being one of Philadelphia’s goofiest, most whimsical sketch teams. They have also developed a reputation for having a pretty high kill count for their characters. To ring in their brand new show Sorry For Your Loss, we’re counting down our top five favorite Flat Earth deaths.


Flat Earth - Spy StuffOur hero, an international spy, is captured by a nefarious super villain. The only thing standing in the way of the villain’s plan for world domination is a secret code that only our hero knows. The villain decides to use some “advance interrogation” tactics and calls in his henchman, a temp from the henchmen temp agency, who accidentally shoots our hero in the head.






Flat Earth - Deer Hunter​A hunter struggles with his own humanity as he comes face to face with a deer. He realizes that he doesn’t have the heart to shoot the deer, so he smothers it with a pillow.


3. 80’s BULLY

Flat Earth - 80's BullyNot all the deaths on this list are funny, some are tragic. Such is the case with 80’s Bully, as our hero, a bully from the 80’s, sacrifices himself during an act of sheer heroism and dies in a horrible BMX biking accident.




Flat Earth - MaestroThe Flat Earth’s high concept show “The Flat Earth’s 9th” was off to a good start when we had our favorite new-age music composer perform at the top of our show. After a few moments without any chord changes, we realized that this wasn’t just some dreamy soundscape, but the composer had died of a heart attack on stage.




Flat Earth - Come and SeeWhat’s our number one, favorite Flat Earth death? You’ll have to stop in to see it live at Philly Improv Theater during our upcoming run of shows: November 12, 13, 19, & 20th at 9pm!

Get tickets here.

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