PHIT Sale BF-2015
Just in time for the holiday gift giving season comes a PHIT intro class sale! Now through November 30th, 2015 Improv 101 and Sketch 101 classes at PHIT are only $199! That’s $100 off the regular price! You can take one of our full 8 week intro classes and you’ll still get all the awesome perks:

  • Student pass that gets you into all PHIT shows for FREE!
  • Access to improv practice groups that double your class time!
  • Script reading & pizza party for sketch writing classes!
  • Graduation shows for friend and family for improv classes!
  • Lots of new friends!

It’s a Black Friday sale you don’t have to worry about getting trampled at to get the class you want and you don’t have to skip out on Thanksgiving dinner to camp outside the theater for hours. Simply look go to the ENROLL NOW page of the PHIT website, find the 101 class that you want and register for it!

Giving the gift of a PHIT class to yourself or a friend or family member goes a lot further than the 8 weeks of class and the student pass. The benefits of improv stretch far beyond the classroom. Are you looking to start the new year doing breaking your normal routine and doing something fun and different? Just move to town and want to meet some new people? Want to improve your listening skills? Trying to overcome social anxiety, stage fright, or just being in front of crowds? Want to explore a more creative side of yourself? WE CAN HELP!

Unsure if you’re ready to jump right in? Check out our FREE Intro classes enrolling now! The big sale ends November 30th, so don’t wait too long!

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