PHIT Kids & Teens Spotlight – Sue Jahani

PHIT Kids & Teens — PHIT’s improv comedy education program for grades K-12 — is gearing up for our Fall term and the fun is already in full swing. On September 12th, we are hosting a FREE Open Houses from 10-11 AM. Interested students are invited to try out improv comedy in an hour-long workshop while parents are welcomed to an info session complete with coffee, bagels, and doughnuts. Our fall classes begin on September 19th and we hope you’ll join us because our program is only as fantastic as the kids who join it.

SueJahani_smallTo get to know what PHIT Kids & Teens is all about, we want you to get to know our instructors. They’re all brilliant, hilarious and enthusiastic teachers, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at just how great they are. Here’s our Nine Crazy Awesome Questions with Sue Jahani who teaches Grades 4-5 Intermediate Improv Skills.

What is your favorite thing about improv comedy?
I have three. Can I have three? I say, yes! 1) The great people. 2) Being able to have as much fun as a kid while still being an adult. 3) That “Whoa” moment when amazing things like the perfect detail or a connection just some how flow out of your mouth and you have no idea where they came from.

What’s your favorite memory from teaching a PHIT Kids & Teens class?
Sausage. In the Grade 4-5 class right before we start to plan for the class show Joe and I taught them a game that is centered around not breaking. Basically, there are two improvisors: The Statement Maker and The Sausage Sayer (who can only respond with the word, “sausage”). The goal is to keep a straight face. Welp, this class was so talented and were able to put so much emotion into their one word response that the game became some of their strongest scenes. It was hilarious and insanely memorable. Silly won the day that day.

What makes kids such natural comedians?
Improvising is playing with your imagination while making discoveries. Kids are awesome at this.

What are the most valuable tools that improv teaches?
Confidence, connections, teamwork, helping others, taking chances, imagination, reflecting, growing, timing, listening, and being accepting of any possibility.


What’s the silliest character you’ve ever played on stage?
Once I played a grandma that kept a large jarful of toe nails clippings and each nail clipping help a specific memory. As I told each memory my teammates would play out flashbacks. Needless to say, we went on a pretty fun adventure.

Describe your sense of humor in one word:
Ridiculous .

What’s the funniest sound ever?
A State Fair-sized pumpkin plopping into a vat of pistachio pudding.

What’s the coolest animal on the planet?
I’d have to go with the three-toed-sloth. Master chilaxer that loves to hang out. I also think they can be super cute.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
It is funny you should ask. I wrote a thesis on this very subject in grad school. My final conclusion using scientific data is yes. You see, it is meat between bread. Take for example a meatball sandwich. Meat between bread. Meatball sandwich. Is a hot dog so different that it can not be recognized as a sandwich if it chooses? Hot dogs are sandwiches.

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