PHIT Kids & Teens Spotlight – Sam Abrams

PHIT Kids & Teens — PHIT’s improv comedy education program for grades K-12 — is gearing up for our Fall term and the fun is already in full swing. This summer we are hosting two FREE Open Houses on August 15th and September 12th from 10-11 AM. Interested students are invited to try out improv comedy in an hour-long workshop while parents are welcomed to an info session complete with coffee and doughnuts. Our fall classes begin on September 19th and we hope you’ll join us because our program is only as fantastic as the kids who join it.

SamAbrams_smallTo get to know what PHIT Kids & Teens is all about, we want you to get to know our instructors. They’re all brilliant, hilarious and enthusiastic teachers, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at just how great they are. First up, here’s our Nine Crazy Awesome Questions with Sam Abrams who teaches Grades 6-8 (Beginner Short Form):

What is your favorite thing about improv comedy?
My favorite thing about improv comedy is just getting to play with my friends- even if the person isn’t a friend of mine, after a little while doing improv together, we are! I usually overthink things a lot, so when I get onstage and just get to play, I’m in my happy place.

What’s your favorite memory from teaching a PHIT Kids & Teens class?
I had a lot of fun with my class last session, and there were a lot of great moments, but the best was the final show. I knew in class the students were funny and really smart, but getting to see them make their families and friends laugh was amazing- they were so funny!

What makes kids such natural comedians?
Kids know what’s funny- they haven’t learned to over-think, over-explain, or doubt what’s funny- so what they come up with on the fly is to-the-point and clear. Plus, most of improv is about listening to and playing with your friends- that’s what kids do naturally!


What are the most valuable tools that improv teaches?
Improv teaches you how to really listen and work together to build something together. It also celebrates mistakes, so you become confident onstage easily- if you make a mistake, it ends up being a fantastic gift to the improvisation!

What’s the silliest character you’ve ever played on stage?
I played a trapeze artist in a show once, so I had a vague and strange accent, and ran around a lot doing “tricks” that were more like awkward dance moves than anything else. When I actually did the somersault, the audience cheered- that was a lot of fun.

Describe your sense of humor in one word:

What’s the funniest sound ever?
Wet shoes squishing as you walk.

What’s the coolest animal on the planet?
I just learned platypuses have poisonous stingers, so I guess the platypus- silly-looking and deadly!

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
No, it only has one piece of bread.

Want to learn more? Check out our enrolling classes page and sign up for a FREE Open House!

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