The SHAM is Heading to DETENTION!

For Philly Improv Theater students and fans alike, The SHAM has been a popular part of MeredithWeirSmallour SUPER FREE SUNDAY line-up along with our student-friendly show The Dean’s List. The PHIT company members, directors, and instructors that make up the cast have been putting out some amazing work – but much like Doctor Who, The SHAM has reached the point in its life where it needs to regenerate into something new and wonderful. This Sunday August 31st, The SHAM will have their last show before the cast disappears during September to practice for their new incarnation: The Sunday Night Slackers. Their new show, debuting on October 5th will be DETENTION! and will continue to follow The Dean’s List. They’ll focus on The Slacker, a fast paced, tag-out heavy form that will be super fun to watch with a rotating cast of 6-8 players:

Becca Trabin
Brian Rumble
Dave Sucharski
Erin Pitts
Fred Brown
Joel Thomas
Kevin Pettit
Kristen Schier
Max Sittenfeild
Meredith Weir
Nick Gillette
Rob Alesiani
Steve Kleinedler

In addition to the regular cast, DETENTION! will also feature special out-of-town guests when the opportunity arises. Don’t miss the last show on Sunday August 31st before the break!

-Meredith Weir
PHIT Volunteer Coordinator and member of The SHAM.

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