It’s hard to believe that we are already enrolling for our final class session of the year. MikeMarbachSmallSince we’ve started our class session system back in January we’ve seen nothing but positive results. PHIT has always been a theater that strives to create a community feel for its students, performers, and its audience and the sessions system combined with improv practice groups and shows like Iron Sketch has only strengthened this feeling. Students have many ways to meet new people, practice what they’ve learned, and forge connections to people they want to improvise with or write with. They are seeing more shows and as a result their understanding of class concepts sinks in that much faster and they get that much better. With every class they prove why PHIT is the top comedy training center in the Philadelphia area- and recently named one of the top 20 comedy schools in the world!
Fall Session classes are now online and ready to enroll! We are running a special “Back to School” sale from now through Monday, August 25th at noon. All improv 101 and sketch writing 101 classes are only $199! That’s $100 off the full enrollment cost! And you still get all the same perks:

– Student Pass that gets you into all PHIT shows for FREE!
– Access to improv practice groups that double your improv training time for FREE!
– A graduation show you can invite friends, family and even strangers to see!
– The chance to study with multiple instructors within a session!
– Opportunities to perform as soon as your first week in class!
– Access to exclusive PHIT workshops and electives.
– Lots and lots of new friends! (Individual results may vary)

​In addition to helping you with public speaking, strengthening your acting and writing skills, thinking more on your feet, and countless other things… improv is a great release. For several hours a week you are around people that want nothing more than to see you succeed. You are surrounded by fun, supportive people that make you laugh and you make laugh in return. I hope you’ll consider signing up for one of our upcoming 101 classes.

Holly LaurentjetevelethWe’ve also got great things in store for returning students and our comedy loving audience. The weekend of October 4th will be one to be reckoned with as PHIT welcomes Jet Eveleth and Holly Laurent! Jet & Holly are nationally known performers for many reasons. Not the least of which is the two being members of what is arguably the best improv team around- The Reckoning. Both have created great names for themselves over the years. Jet tours the country performing with the likes of 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit and SNL’s Paul Britain and was recently cast in an upcoming NBC Sketch Show to premiere soon! Holly is an alumni of the Second City Mainstage where she wrote and performed in three critically acclaimed revues. Both will be in town for a full weekend of shows and workshops covering both improv and sketch comedy. This is a weekend of comedy performance and training that is NOT to be missed!

​As the Education Director I take the growth of every student that comes through our training center very seriously. I attend and instruct practice groups. I sit in on classes. I see class shows. I adjust our curriculum as needed and that last part is needed more and more, because our students are getting better and better. What PHIT is doing right now helping to fuel the creative growth of not just our theater, but the entire Philly comedy community and beyond. Our alumni are traveling around the United States and beginning to make great names for themselves. It’s only a matter of time before some of those names are more widely known. Take a look at our upcoming class schedule, sign up for a class and you’ll see pretty quickly what I’m talking about.

​Thank you to all students, staff, performers and audience members for everything you do.​

Mike Marbach
PHIT Education Director


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