PHIT Supports Indie Improv Teams with Launch Pad!

Philly Improv Theater is excited to continue our support for a thriving independent comedy scene in Philly with a new opportunity for indie improv teams to receive free coaching, rehearsal space, stage time, artistic direction, business advice and marketing materials PHIT: Launch Pad.


Starting immediately, newly formed or pre-existing indie improv teams in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding metropolitan area will be able to submit an Application for Launch Pad. Selected teams will complete a three month development experience that starts with artistic, business and marketing meeting with PHIT staff in month one, continues with weekly free rehearsal space (on weekend mornings or afternoons) and coaching with coach chosen by PHIT work on artistic goals established in initial meetings, and concludes with a one month run of weekly shows opening House Team Harold Night at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

At the conclusion of their PHIT run teams will be able to make separate private arrangements to continue with their coach if they are interested, and will have been given the tools to try their hand at self-producing a comedy show elsewhere in the city with an understanding of approaching venues, budgeting and street marketing (with poster and postcard designs created for their team as part of Launch Pad).

Launch Pad comes about as the result of creative thinking, many months of meetings, and some creative budgeting at the theater by Greg Maughan (Founder and Executive Director), Ralph Andracchio (Artistic Director), and Kristen Schier (Improv Producer) with input and advice from many other individuals. “What’s cool about this opportunity for independent teams is that they may not have all these resources available to them or have the money or knowledge to put all these things together, but PHIT can use our years of experience to work with them and give them the tools to be successful as an indie act,” says PHIT Artistic Director Ralph Andracchio. “We’re the only theatre I know of that offers an opportunity like this to independent teams. It’s good for the team and it’s good for the city’s comedy scene in general.”

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