New Role at PHIT for Corin Wells, PHIT Seeking New Class Registrar

CorinWells_color(small)Corin Wells, our Class Registrar for close to two years is taking on a new role coordinating extra-curricular activities for the theater and the Training Center (i.e. arranging parties, group comedy outings, and other special events). “Over the last few years as the Training Center has grown exponentially, I have always wanted more opportunities for students to mix and mingle with each other,” said PHIT’s founder and Executive Director Greg Maughan. “I’m really excited that Corin has decided to take this on, and I can’t wait for her name to become synonymous with partying – just like Miley CyrusP!nk, or Oingo Bongo.” Look for more social events as a result of Corin’s help starting in the Training Center’s fall session later this year.

Corin’s new role also means that PHIT is now searching for a new Class Registrar. If you are interested in helping out at the theater in a big way, want to be more involved in the life of the theater, and have the time to volunteer we want to hear from you! Anyone intersted in filling this important volunteer position at the theater can email with the subject line “Class Registrar” and include a cover letter and resumes as attachments to their message. The theater will accept applications on a rolling basis until a good candidate is found. For more information about the role, please read the full description of the position below:



This volunteer reports to the PHIT Education Director and is also answerable to the PHIT Executive Director. The Class Registrar consults with the the Executive Director, Education Director, and PHIT Instructors.


The class registrar ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of the PHIT Training Center for student/customers by: reviewing email to the main account for the PHIT Training Center, confirming payments received, maintaining the accuracy of class registration lists, handling make-up class scheduling, organizing the collection of student feedback, and assisting the Education Director with maintenance of the PHIT Student Database.

15 hours per week during general enrollment periods, some of which must be time in the PHIT office during normal business hours. Full day in office with Education Director once each session.

6 months. Continuing for additional periods of six months is allowed and encouraged, and one month notice is requested as a courtesy for leaving position. The Class Registrar cannot serve for a period of time greater than 2 years.


  • A minimum of 1-2 hours of free-time each day for duties (including weekends).
  • Availability to work two four hour shifts in the office each week (monday through friday) between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. working with the Education Director.
  • Availability to work in the office from 11am – 5pm with the Education Director on the Friday before each session starts.
  • Attendance at scheduled executive team meetings, training center meetings and company meetings throughout the year.
  • Ability to handle access to sensitive information in a trustworthy, responsible way.
  • Access and availability to check inbox at any time to handle time-sensitive emails appropriately (including nights and weekends.)
  • Ability to be a good representative of and for the theater.
  • Ability to work at steady pace (instead of sporadic, large chunks of time).
  • Attention to detail and ability to see processes through to on-time completion.
  • Professional but friendly tone over email and phone.

As a volunteer position, the Class Registrar does not receive any monetary compensation. In recognition of the dedication that being Class Registrar requires, the following compensation will be given:

  • Free admission to any show at PHIT (free admission to other shows PHIT presents or produces outside The Adrienne may be offered on a case-by-case basis).
  • For each term of 3 months served as Class Registrar, credit towards workshops and classes as follows:
    • 2 free workshops at PHIT (not to exceed $200), or
    • one free class at PHIT (not to exceed $299), or
    • $200 towards reimbursement for the cost of a comedy class outside of Philadelphia (or travel/lodging expenses associated with a class outside of Philadelphia) as approved in advance of registration by the Education Director.
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