“Millennium Quest: Warp Jawn” Cast Annuonced!

PHIT is excited to announce the cast of our Spring Theatrical Run, Millennium Quest: KristenSchier_smallWarp Jawn. A send up of classic sci-fi tropes from movies and television, Warp Jawn is a spontaneously created comedy performance in the vain of the original Star Trek television series. With original sets, costumes and make-up, and audio and video elements, this will definitely be a show not to be missed.

PHIT had a pool of very talented performers audition making the casting process a difficult one. The end result is a cast of PHIT regulars, up-and-comers and even a few “where-did-they-come-from?” surprises:

Quinton Alexander
Jim Burns
Andrew Coppola
Stuart Draper
Jimi Haak
Katrina Halkidis
Sofya Piro
Raja Rajanathan
Vito Salerno
Andrew Sigwart

Directed by Michael Hochman and produced by Kristen Schier, Millenium Quest: Warp Jawn runs from Thursday, April 17th through Saturday, May 3rd. Congrats to the cast!

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