Because We Love You: A Valentine’s Weekend Discount On Classes!

We’re not quite sure how to say this. I know that it may feel like we don’t hang out that much, or you haven’t seen us around a lot lately, but well… the thing is – we get nervous around you sometimes and we really want you to like us.

No! No!, Not, like, *LIKE US* like us. Unless you do? Do you? Oh heck, this is getting pretty awkward now, isn’t it? Sorry…

I guess we should just come out and ask: Will you be our Valentine? We got you a PRESENT!(Although maybe you want to share it with someone else).



We love comedy so much that seeing it and sharing it isn’t enough. We want to teach you to how do it too! So for the next 72 hours – from 12:00 p.m. Friday, February 14th (that’s right now!) until 12:00 p.m. Monday, February 17th – we are offering you the chance to fall in love with us even more by taking an introductory class at the nostalgic *original* PHIT class price of $199… just visit our ENROLL NOW page to see what’s being offered in the Spring Session starting March 17th!

That’s $50 extra dollars on top of the early registration discount for a total of $100 savings (30% off) of the current regular registration price. We’re also offering a small gift to returning students. If you enroll in a 201 class or higher during the same time period we’ll have a fancy PHIT t-shirt for you on the first day of class that you can show off to all the other students.

Maybe you know a friend or have a special someone you’d love to have start classes at the theater? Sign them up and just indicate their name as the student name in the appropriate field when you are making your payment.

I hope you’ll take advantage of these deals if you were planning to sign up for another class. We do have 10 different 101 classes starting in March, and a similar number of higher level classes – so there should be something that fits your schedule. Remember, the full schedule of upcoming classes is available right on the ENROLL NOW page of our website.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, maybe come catch a show!

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