A Fond Farewell To Davenger

DavengerGroupIt’s always sad when a team comes to the end of their run, and after 2 years of spectacular performances, the time has come to say goodbye to one of our Improv House Teams – Davenger. Ever since they formed, this ensemble has consistently showed their prowess on stage with engaging scene work that has raised the bar for other teams in Philly.

As we reach their final performance, we’ve asked a few of the people involved since Davenger’s inception to share their thoughts about this great team.

“Davenger was a great team because they were also great friends and it showed on stage in the way they were so in tune with each other.

It’s great to know that so many of them are already staying involved at PHIT: Nick Gillette, Jessi, and Kevin as instructors for our spring session, and Nick Mirra as the director for This Is Your Captain, Alex Newman with The SHAM. It’s exciting to see other members striking out with their own projects as well. And it’s cool to know that former Davengers will be living in NYC and LA  soon – spreading Philly comedy scene talent throughout the country.”
-Greg Maughan, Philly Improv Theater Executive Director

Davenger is a special team. I think you can see that both on-stage and whenever you see two or more of them gathered together. They just enjoy each other. In thinking back to when I first cast them one of my major goals with Davenger was that aside from teaching them the Harold and helping them grow as individual performers I wanted them come away from this experience knowing what it felt like to be part of a team so that in future creative experiences they would know what good creative collaboration feels like.  And I think that’s what you see when they are on-stage. A group of talented, funny, intelligent, committed, good-hearted people who enjoy working together and making each other laugh. They care about each other and the work they do together. And that’s what makes their work so strong. And why it was a real honor to be their coach. I look forward to tonight and to their next steps as artists. It will be exciting to watch.
– Maggy Keegan, Davenger director and Artistic Director of Figment Theater

Davenger is the most robust ensemble I’ve ever seen. I came to them to coach six months ago, and this is the first thing I noticed. Beyond the commitment to the craft in rehearsals, beyond the countless hilarious moments of support on stage, I noticed that this team had taken the time to become a team. They became more than cast mates, they became friends. Today, on the day of their final show, I’d like to point this out to other improvisers, young and old, here in Philadelphia. The cast of Davenger all have astounding talent, they have the finest training, but I believe the simple secret of their success after two years of brave and humble improv is seen in their moments of play together off stage. This is a group that risked giving a damn about one another as people. I’ll miss the team, and particularly those whose lives are taking them elsewhere, but the bonds they formed aren’t going anywhere.
– Nick Gillette, Davenger director

From the entire PHIT family, we wish all of these great performers well and look forward to their continued success!

Davenger’s final show will be Saturday, Feb 22 @ 9:00PM. Tickets available online.

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