Philly Improv Theater Launches the “Dynamite Series @ PHIT”

PHIT is proud to announce the Dynamite Series @ PHIT. Curated by Ralph Andracchio, RalphSmallPHIT’s Artistic Director, this ambitious new series provides an open, creative platform that showcases both proven and brand new projects. Shows in this series will encompass many comedic disciplines, strengthen our connections to other communities in Philadelphia, and demonstrate boundary pushing comedy.

“This project will expand ideas, connections, and conversations. We’re creating this wonderful opportunity where performers can ask ‘What is Comedy?’ and ‘How can it connect us to the larger Philadelphia community?'” says Andracchio. “Our goal is to pair comedy with different disciplines, such as the academic and the playwrighting communities to create engaging  productions that will ignite conversations and reach new audiences. Hence the tagline for the series: “Connect. Ignite. Explode.”

Two successful 2013 FRINGE projects are being relaunched as part of this series: Page One directed by Steve Kleinedler, and Study Hall directed by Mike Marbach. In the pipeline are completely new conceptual shows that will debut later this year. Dynamite Series @ PHIT shows run Saturdays at 7:30PM. Tickets for these shows can be purchased online at the PHIT website or through their Facebook page.

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