Meet the New Hosts of “The Theme Show” – ManiPedi!

PHIT’s monthly “The Theme Show” pulls together sketches from local groups and creates one-of-a-kind shows that all relate to a specific theme, like this week’s upcoming show “Let’s Eat!” We asked the new hosts of the show, Philly super group ManiPedi, to answer a few questions about the show and what they’re bringing to the table. Here’s what they had to say for themselves…ManiPedi2013Big

PHIT: What attracted you to becoming the new hosts of The Theme Show?

ManiPedi: We were avid fans and regular performers on the show! Also, Brian Kelly asked us, and when Brian Kelly asks you to host Theme Show, you say “How high?” (Disclaimer: We are not actually high when we host the theme show, even though the next theme is “Let’s Eat!”)

PHIT: Are you hoping to change the show in any way or add new and exciting stuff?

ManiPedi: Any time we can eat stuff on stage, we will- so expect a lot of that! We also thought it’d be fun to make it more interactive, so we’ll involve the audience at times both during the show and hopefully in the near future with fun contests/games online!

PHIT: The Halloween edition of the show (The Rocky Horror Sketch Show) was a pretty awesome debut of your group as the new hosts. Will all of the shows be as over the top and crazy?

ManiPedi: Thank you! We love compliments! Everyone on the show brought their A-game, as they always do, and that has always made the show! And yes, there will be more over the top stuff- we wanted to make the RHTS especially interactive and campy for the movie, but we’ll keep up the production value and weirdness for all future Theme Shows!

PHIT: What are your thoughts about the sketch scene in Philly? Be brutal.

It’s the worst! SIKE! We love it- we are constantly inspired by all of the existing and new teams in the city, and all of us are even involved in other sketch endeavors (SHAMELESS PLUG TIME: Dog Mountain, The Flat Earth, Goat Rodeo, Local Holiday Miracle). Oh right, the people don’t want to hear that…so…dirt, dirt, garbage, disposal, truck. TRASH TALK!

PHIT: ManiPedi is like the first ladies of Philly sketch, and I’m sure you have a million fans. What’s the weirdest piece of fan mail you’ve ever received?

ManiPedi: Oooh, First Ladies! YES! That means we’re like the Bette Midler of Philly Sketch! Oh wait…that’s the First Wives Club…does Philly have a First Wives Club? If so, can we join without marrying people?

As for fan mail, we once received a mysterious statue that looked like all of us combined and it’s eyes glow red, and now none of us have souls.

PHIT: Any final thoughts or words of wisdom you’d like to leave our readers with?

ManiPedi: Never leave home without snacks, and always keep a full sheet cake in your car, should the occasion arise!

Check out our next Theme Show presents… Let’s Eat! this Friday at 10PM!

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