Announcing Our New Improv House Team Casts and Current Team Updates!

RalphSmallAfter a weekend filled with hours of auditions and great performances by talented players, lists have been culled, decisions made, and PHIT is now proud to announce the casts for our three new Improv House Teams! The new teams will be:

Codename Frostfangs – Directed by Nick Mirra
Lizzie Burrows, Andrew Coppola, AJ Horan, Nicole Labrecque, Kevin Quirk, Raja Rajanathan, Sam Scavuzzo, Joe Tuzzi, Zach Uzupis

Codename Nymeria – Directed by Jessica Ross
Hannah Datz, Joe Gates, Jimi Haak, Derrick Hackett, Brendan Kingston, Danielle Klaiman, Jeff Kremzier, Rachel Semigran, Adam Steiger

Codename Highgarden – Directed by Caitlin Weigel
Rob Alesiani, Ronnie Clarkson, Tyler Garamella, Tom Hannigan, Robert O’Neill, Erin Pitts, Adam Siry, McGair Valois, Corin Wells

Congratulations to everyone cast on teams this time around! I know I speak for the PHIT Artistic Team when I say I’m pretty excited to see these teams debut on our new stage in January!

Also, exciting news for one of our existing House Teams! Mike Marbach, PHIT’s Education Director and director of former PHIT House Team Asteroid! will now be the new director for PHIT House Team The Future. Along with Mike, The Future welcomes new cast member Caitlin Weigel. Congrats to The Future, and good luck with your new members!

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to come out and audition this past weekend. We continue to be blown away by the talent here in Philadelphia, and a lot of that talent was on display at auditions. Please keep learning, growing, and performing. We look forward to seeing you at future rounds of auditions!

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