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PHIT will once again be producing an all-new sketch revue show for the 2013 FringeArts Festival. Working together during the summer months under the supervision of a Head Writer and Director a group of writers and performers will put together a 40-45 minute sketch show of entirely original material that will debut Thursday, September 5th, 2013 and run nightly through September 8th. Writers and performers will not necessarily overlap, so if you only want to create sketches and don’t want to appear on stage you’ll be able to do that. PHIT seeks only writers at this time (auditions for performers will occur later, during the summer) and encourages all submissions regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual preference, religion, disability or age. Depending on the success of the FringeArts Festival show, the team may be given the opportunity to continue mounting further shows with support from PHIT.

Some things to consider before submitting:

  • Writers will be expected to attend a weekly meeting with the Head Writer and consistently generate new material while also working on re-writes.
  • Writers are in no way guaranteed performance opportunities in the show. The actors for the show will be selected through a separate audition process later, during the summer at a time and date TBA.
  • Being part of a PHIT Sketch House Team will involve a large time commitment, so writers should view their involvement with the team as their first priority when it comes to sketch comedy. Some great writers may not be part of this project because their priority is to other shows or groups, or because they’d rather use the time to focus on performance opportunities. If you feel like your sketch priorities lie elsewhere, please don’t submit.

Anyone is eligible to submit, we welcome entries from anyone who believes they have talent and has considered the factors we listed above, thought about them, and decided they are down to be involved.

 To be considered for a writing spot you will submit a packet consisting of:

  1. A brief cover letter (1-page maximum – single spaced, size 10 font) explaining what you will bring to the writing team.
  2. Three (3) different original sketches you’ve written without a writing partner. Please arrange these sketches in order with what you feel is your strongest sketch first.
  3. Three (3) additional 1-2 sentence pitches of other sketch ideas you have.

Include the material you feel best represents you as a writer and shows us your sense of humor. Sketches can be intended either for stage or for video, although we would suggest including no more than one video script per packet (while video may be incorporated into the show at the discretion of the head writer and director, the show will predominantly feature live sketch material). Your entire packet – cover letter, pitch page, and three sketches cannot exceed 17 pages total. Again, please note that we cannot consider material you have co-written – please only include sketches you’ve written solo. Your name should only appear on your cover letter. All submissions will be read “blind” by the review group and it saves us considerable time and resources if we do not need to remove your name from submitted files.

Packet submissions will be handled via email. Please make note of the following submission rules. Your submission will not be considered if it not sent correctly. Email your completed submission to: In the body of your email, include the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • The best phone number at which to reach you
  • Names of any past sketch teachers (at PHIT or elsewhere)
  • Any people/groups with whom you frequently collaborate (if applicable)
  • A list of the titles for the three sketches in your packet
  • Attach your submission packet to your email as a single file. In other words, combine all 3 of your sketches into one file. Acceptable file formats are: .pdf, .odf, .rtf or .doc (PDF strongly preferred).

Non-submission emails sent to will not be read. You will receive an email from PHIT staff confirming that your submission was received and we could open your files. Again, the deadline to submit is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 27th.

You should hear something about the status of your submission from PHIT during the week of June 11th.

Still have questions?
Send us an email! Our contact info is at:

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