Cast for “The Bat” Announced!

PHIT is excited to announce the cast of our Spring Theatrical Run, The Bat. A critical and audience hit at the 2011 Philly Fringe Festival under the title “Dark Comedy”, The Bat is an improv show unlike any other – a spontaneously created comedy performance in pitch blackness. Without the benefit of lights The Bat unfolds similarly to a radio play, allowing the audiences’ imagination to run wild.

PHIT had an large pool of talented performers audition making the casting process more difficult than usual. The end result is a cast of PHIT regulars, up-and-comers and even a few “where-did-they-come-from?” surprises:

Joe Coughlin
AJ Horan
Sue Jahani
Molly Pace
Marc Reber
Rachel Semigran
Adam Siry
Lizzie Spellman
Becca Trabin
Corin Wells


Directed by Jason Grimley and produced by Kristen Schier, The Bat runs from on Tuesday, April 30th through Sunday, May 19th. For a full schedule and tickets please check the PHIT website show calendar or visit our TicketLeap page for the run.

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