PHIT SWEEPS WEEKS: Show Selections Announced!

JessRoss_color(small)PHIT challanged you to come up with the next big Variety Show for Philadelphia and you answered. We recived 21 submissions and selected 8 finalists. Each finalist will perform a 30-minute “pilot” paired with another sweeps week show in May. The audience will then rate the shows to determine which will go on to a semi-final round May 29th. The four semi-finalists will perform again before PHIT’s Artistic Team winnows the field down to just two finalists, whose shows will perform one last time June 5th. The winning show will be decided by a panel of judges the receive a run at PHIT. Runners up may also be offered other chances to perform.

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Re-Dub-a-Dub-Dub (hosted by Michael Hochman)
Crappy Movies, Made Less Crappy! Mike and guests provide the complete soundtrack to a movie or TV show, live and improvised!

Your News, Philadelphia (hosted by Dave Metter)
It’s not fake news about Philly, if you believe it! A fake news show dealing in unreal, Philly-centric news!

The Hopper’s Holiday Hoopla (hosted by Mike Connor & Brandon Libby)
Family friendly fun for fun with your family and friends! Benny andMartin Hopper– two brothers who are too dumb to realize how askewtheir outlook is– host this send-up of traditional holidaycelebrations.

DTF (hosted by Darryl Charles & Timaree Leigh)
A real, actual sexuality educator (Dr. Timaree) and a real, actual comedian (Darryl Charles) discuss current events and topics pertaining to sexuality, gender, porn, love, and relationships.

Chip and Steve’s Designing Women (hosted by Chip Chantry & Steve Swan)
Four strong, sassy and sexy Southern women… played by Chip and Steve. An homage to one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, comedians Chip Chantry and Steve Swan will perform an entire episode of Designing Women live onstage. Watch as they expertly re-create the moments you know and love and bring these four strong, sassy and sexy Southern women to life right in front of your eyes.

People of Interest (hosted by Ryan Barlow)
In the style of an NPR interview, Ryan interviews different interesting characters portrayed by local improv talent.

The John F. Kensil Show (hosted by John F. Kensil)
A takeoff parody of a 60’s variety show starring local improv, sketch, and stand-up comedians portraying various entertainers from the 60’s. And if that wasn’t enough – he’s thrown in a live piano player.

History in the Making with Jake Mattera (hosted by Jake Mattera)
An embellished retrospective of all things Philadelphia and some things America. A history-themed comedy show that depicts significant people, places and events from our history in a humorous light.

Congrats to all the selected shows! We cannot wait to see these up on stage in just a few short weeks!

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