Spring is in the Air at PHIT!

MarbachSmallSpring training is upon us. The time when the Phillies’ equipment truck is tracked as it travels down the I-95 corridor as if it’s Santa on Christmas Eve. Spring training of a different kind at PHIT is also upon us. In addition to the awesome core improv and sketch classes we have several amazing opportunities with different workshops and electives.

We can welcome back Christina Gausus! Christina will be teaching a one day workshop titled The Power of Authenticity. Reacting in the moment in an honest way. It’s talk that she walks every time that she performs. That will be March 2nd.

We can also welcome Maggy Keegan to the PHIT faculty! Maggy brings a wealth of experience and talent to the PHIT staff and will no doubt become a favorite in no time. Her first order of business will be teaching a 4-week Scene Study Elective starting April 14th.

Jason Grimley will be teaching an improv elective focused on the “The Bat” form. This is a form that takes place in complete darkness. You thought listening was important when you had all your senses. Wait till you see when it’s all you’ve got to work with!

Clowning with Kristen Schier! PHIT’s resident class clown will walk you through various exercises that help you get in touch with your inner rubber nose. And I’m pretty sure you’ll also get a real rubber nose. That will be April 14th and is always a popular workshop.

Mike Hochman will be teaching a workshop on March 16th that teaches you to screw around with your scene partner. Take care of them? Take care of yourself! Mike will show you how to play in a more “self-centered” way that will help get your out of your head and having fun again. That one is titled Screwing With Friends.

Free Improv Workshops every month! Been on the fence about taking a class? Jump in to one of the free workshops. You’ll get a taste of what to expect without committing to registering. Bring a friend!

This is just through April. There’s a lot of spring left after that and we have even more things planned. Be on the lookout for more awesome electives and workshops on movement, object and environment work and even stage combat!

As always, one of the best ways to supplement your knowledge in class is to see shows. So be sure to check out the PHIT website for all show information. You can’t spell improve, without improv. Yes, I just said that. Spring!

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